B-Day Anniversary Deal – Buy an Adjustable ADR Desk Frame Cheaper Online

As a part of PrimeCables June 2019 B-Day Anniversary Sale, we have discounted our height adjustable ADR desk frame. It’s now cheaper than ever and available exclusively online through our website, with free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. For those that have been pondering when the right time to jump on board with ergonomics was, cost-wise, this has got to be it.

The PrimeCables’ ADR desk frame is meant for sit-stand desks. These desks are those which can be adjusted from a standing position to a seated position. This means, when you want to stand and get some work done, you can do it. Considering the amount of stress prolonged sitting can put onto the body, having a desk with an adjustable height can be a major asset. Thousands have already bought their own ADR desk frame, for home offices, small business centers, education environments, and corporate enterprise facilities. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the same benefits!

A lot of us take pride in our IT setups. Anyone working at a computer regularly wants their desk to be top notch and comfortable. Unfortunately, when it comes to comfort, so much attention is paid to getting a nice office chair that we don’t always think about the desk. Needless to say, the desk really does matter. Through an adjustable desk riser, you get to customize your desk more than you would if you were buying a non-height adjustable model. Some height adjustable desks can easily go for prices exceeding $1,000. Through PrimeCables and on birthday sale, you can receive yours for $300 or less.

Features of this ADR desk riser includes a digital LED memory controller maximizing the customization possibilities, a dual motor offering heavy-duty lifting and stability, and  3 programmable memory presets which allow you to save your desired height. A user can set reminders for height adjustments according to when they want to sit or stand. Also perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you get to choose the table top you want with your desk. Effectively build the desk aesthetic you want without having to sacrifice the height adjustability that comes with a riser like this.

The best desk risers are available today from PrimeCables. Get your ADR desk riser for the best price in Canada without sacrificing quality of design. This June, stop into PrimeCables for our birthday sale and save $100s off ergonomic office components and accessories.

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