What to Buy on PrimeCables Birthday Party Sale – a Curved Gaming Monitor in your Play Room

Curved gaming monitors have finally started to go mainstream. As production has increased, prices have come down a bit and that’s a great thing for gamers. What’s even better is for a limited time, PrimeCables is putting its curved gaming monitor on discount. Celebrate our June Birthday Party Sale with us, and receive a 27” curved gaming monitor with 1080p quality, FHD, 144Hz, and encased in a super thin aluminum frame.

There isn’t a whole lot of variety out there when it comes to curved gaming screens. While some companies are doing well by creating bigger gaming screens, PrimeCables has always been committed to keeping things affordable for our customers. As curved monitors are so new, they can easily be quite expensive. When you buy yours through PrimeCables, you can count on receiving a reliable screen at a fair price. On-discount and with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, you won’t find a better deal than that.

Features include a fixed base, OD mode, a high refresh rate and fast response time to gaming precision and accuracy, and multiple input options. Like you’ll find with other curved gaming monitors, the 144Hz refresh rate is supported with FreeSync which really optimizes the gaming experience. Through the inputs and other features, there’s a lot one can do to customize their dream gaming station with this 27” curved gaming monitor. It also has a mountable design, which allows it to be paired with any TV wall mount or speaker desk mount.

For PrimeCables’ official June birthday sale, a curved gaming monitor is not all that’s on sale. Completely re-design how you game and consume content. On discount are smart TV boxes, surround sound multimedia speaker systems, wall mounts, indoor and outdoor HDTV antennas, home theater cables and adapters, projectors, surge protectors, headphones, Bluetooth accessories, and more. It’s almost a gamer’s paradise out there with all that we have available for a limited time.

If you haven’t made the switch to a fast-refreshing curved gaming monitor, we’re almost sure you’ll be easily seduced by the quality of the picture and the impact this has on your gaming experience. Offered at a tempting price exclusively from PrimeCables, it’s hard to say no. In terms of PC gaming, the sweet spot you’ve been looking for has arrived. Give it a click!

Drop in any time for PrimeCables June 2019 birthday sale and pick up Canada’s best budget curved gaming monitor at its lowest price yet!

PrimeCables.ca B-Day Anniversary Deal – Buy an Adjustable ADR Desk Frame Cheaper Online

As a part of PrimeCables June 2019 B-Day Anniversary Sale, we have discounted our height adjustable ADR desk frame. It’s now cheaper than ever and available exclusively online through our website, with free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. For those that have been pondering when the right time to jump on board with ergonomics was, cost-wise, this has got to be it.

The PrimeCables’ ADR desk frame is meant for sit-stand desks. These desks are those which can be adjusted from a standing position to a seated position. This means, when you want to stand and get some work done, you can do it. Considering the amount of stress prolonged sitting can put onto the body, having a desk with an adjustable height can be a major asset. Thousands have already bought their own ADR desk frame, for home offices, small business centers, education environments, and corporate enterprise facilities. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the same benefits!

A lot of us take pride in our IT setups. Anyone working at a computer regularly wants their desk to be top notch and comfortable. Unfortunately, when it comes to comfort, so much attention is paid to getting a nice office chair that we don’t always think about the desk. Needless to say, the desk really does matter. Through an adjustable desk riser, you get to customize your desk more than you would if you were buying a non-height adjustable model. Some height adjustable desks can easily go for prices exceeding $1,000. Through PrimeCables and on birthday sale, you can receive yours for $300 or less.

Features of this ADR desk riser includes a digital LED memory controller maximizing the customization possibilities, a dual motor offering heavy-duty lifting and stability, and  3 programmable memory presets which allow you to save your desired height. A user can set reminders for height adjustments according to when they want to sit or stand. Also perhaps the most obvious benefit is that you get to choose the table top you want with your desk. Effectively build the desk aesthetic you want without having to sacrifice the height adjustability that comes with a riser like this.

The best desk risers are available today from PrimeCables. Get your ADR desk riser for the best price in Canada without sacrificing quality of design. This June, stop into PrimeCables for our birthday sale and save $100s off ergonomic office components and accessories.

PrimeCables Surge Protector with Smart Power on our Site with Full Stock

Surge protectors are something everybody needs, to protect their electronics, appliances, and more. Choosing one out can be a hassle though. Sure, you can grab a basic model at a local retail store but you’re not necessarily getting the right one for what you need it for. After all, assuming you’re buying a surge protector to protect electronics or appliances of some kind, it’s an important decision to make.

PrimeCables knows our way around a surge protector. After all, we sell all kinds of cables, adapters, electronics, TVs, home theater systems, and more. These devices warrant some protection. That’s where surge protectors come into play. If you’re shopping a surge protector, we have quite a few models in our catalogue although we do admittedly have our favourites. When buying other electronics, it makes sense to add a surge protector with smart power on top.

There’s our 6-outlet surge protector which comes equipped with two USB ports and which is 2-metres long. This is an easy purchase for anyone who has multiple devices to plug in and electronics to protect. It uses a 15Amp circuit breaker, has grounded indicators, and has a built-in wall mounting feature which makes it easy to mount alongside a TV, speakers, or other home theater products.

Let’s say you need more than six outlets – no problem. You’ll also find our heavy-duty 12-outlet surge protector with comes in a 3-foot cord encasing and with 125 volts. This model is most commonly used in office environments requiring a lot of grounded outlets. This multi-outlet surge protector has concealed slots for easy hanging, a built-in circuit breaker, small plates to affix it to a wall, and comes in a high quality aluminum build.

As you’ll find in the PrimeCables catalogue, Canada’s best surge protectors are about more than simply protecting electrical devices, although this is highly important. USB connections, smart outlets, and more are highly valued. If you’re interested in designing your own smart home, you can with some of our wall outlets. Alternatively, if you want more USB connections, we have that as well. It’s all about the sort of needs you have in the home. All of this is available at entirely affordable pricing. You don’t need to overspend on a high quality surge protector.

You’re in luck. This June, PrimeCables 2019 Birthday Sale is going to discount our surge protectors even further. Save big this June and choose your favourite electronics from Canada’s own PrimeCables.

PrimeCables Birthday Sale – Buy 3-in-1 Charging Cables USB 2.0 to Lightning (MFi Certified) Micro USB USB-C Type-C ft. for cheap in Canada

If there’s one thing we know at PrimeCables, it’s cables. Thousands of Canadians regularly come to us seeking high quality USB cables to charge their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and devices. June just so happens to be our big Birthday Sale month where we discount our cables even beyond the affordable prices they are at already.

Instead of buying multiple USB cables to have one for every device, why not just buy one – we think we have the exact USB cable for you. The cable we speak of is a 3-in-1 USB charging cable going from USB 2.0 to MFi Certified Lightning to Micro USB to a USB Type-C connection.

The 3-in-1 USB cable is absolutely perfect for iPhones, Nexus, and Samsung smartphones as well as any device with a Micro-USB port, Lightning port, or USB-C port. The reversible USB-C connector also means it’s just like any other USB Type-C cable. It charges fast and syncs equally quickly. Flexible and durable, you won’t need another USB cable after you pick up one of these.

As digital device owners ourselves, we know how frustrating USB cables can be. You receive one included with every smartphone and most digital devices you buy. They accumulate rather quickly. Instead of having a dozen cables to sort through, with this USB cable, you have one and only one. You can throw it in your bag if you’re on your way out, knowing it’ll charge any device you may be carrying. Alternatively, you can keep it at home to charge any devices that may have had their original connecting cables lost. It’s a very impressive cable and safe for any Google Chromebook, iPhone, Kindle Fire, or any USB-enabled device you may have.

We are living at a time where new devices are coming out every year seemingly with a new connection type attached. To this point, the next generation of Apple products may use strictly USB-C connections rather than its current crop of Lightning cable connections. There also exists the possibility of wireless connections popping up in greater volume. Needless to say, if you’re anything like us, you probably have a myriad of devices with different USB needs. For when you need a USB cable that’s adaptable, you know where to find it.

For PrimeCables June 2019 Birthday Sale, you’ll find USB cables on sale in addition to adapters, TVs, electronics, mounts, sit-stands, home theater accessories, ergonomic office furniture, and more. Also, all orders above $49 receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada! Shop with us today.

PrimeCables Birthday Sale – 20v Cordless Power Drill with Soft Grip Handle

Are you looking for a cheap cordless power drill? PrimeCables has cordless power drills, impact drivers, and more on-sale for our June Birthday Sale. The perfect DIY tool collection is available exclusively through PrimeCables on some pretty big discounts.

Whether you’re a home improvement expert or you’re looking to do a one-time DIY touch-up, every homeowner is likely to need a drill at some point. At your local retail store, you may pay an arm and a leg for a cordless drill. With PrimeCables, you don’t need to. Our cordless drills are regarded for their reliability and performance, and price is not an issue. Now that our birthday sale’s setting in, with a 30 percent June discount, our 20v cordless power drill is about to fall to $34.99.

There’s no reason to use a wire drill. You don’t need the hassle! Go wireless for your DIY home renovation work and choose a wireless cordless drill to boot. You’ll have a long-lasting battery, strong power, and it’s good for almost any work. For light work, 4v to 8v is excellent. For more serious home improvement projects where you need some good torque behind what you’re doing, between 12v and 18v is ideal. The PrimeCables cordless power drill can reach as high as 20v, which gives a glimpse into the sort of power it holds.

The 20v cordless power drill has 2-speed transmission with optimized torque and speed for screwdriving and drilling. The lithium ion batteries can be easily recharged multiple times and you can count on them to perform consistently. The LED light included in the design can help to illuminate dark workspaces. The slide pack battery also provides easy installation and removal for charging. Compared to other models available in Canada, the PrimeCables high-performance, low-price drill is second to none at this price point.

The 20v cordless drill won’t be the only thing discounted through the month of June. Should you want to add more to your Birthday Sale order, we should recommend the PrimeCables 20v cordless impact driver. Complete with a 1/4″ hex, compact lithium ion batteries, and quick charging, this is a welcome tool to any DIY home renovation or artist out there.

Invest in a high quality power tool worth your time. Nothing in the PrimeCables catalogue will disappoint on power or performance. A solid choice for all your DIY needs, visit us this June and get your 20v cordless drill through our once-a-year Birthday Sale!

PrimeCables Birthday Sale – 5W Standard Wireless Charger

June is PrimeCables big Birthday Sale with cables, adapters, TVs, electronics, mounts, home theater accessories, USB chargers, smartphone accessories, and more on record-low discounts.

If you have an iPhone or smartphone with the capability to be charged wirelessly, now’s the perfect time to pick up the PrimeCables 5W standard wireless charger. Since the newest iPhones introduced wireless charging into the mix, this has meant you can cut down on the charging cables and do away with USB. Instead, lay your phone down on a charging mat and that’s it! Have it at your bedside, on a desk, on a hallway table, or wherever.

Needless to say, there are many benefits to a wireless charger. You get less wear from your lightning cables. You don’t need to be constantly plugging and unplugging your iPhone. Also, there’s the convenience of simply dropping your phone down on the charging mat and then, leaving it alone. The PrimeCables wireless charging pad isn’t just iPhone exclusive either. Any device which has the ability to charge wirelessly can be used with this charger.

You have added security with a wireless charger as well. After all, you’re not using a cheap USB cable on your iPhone. Charging through a mat is safer as it prevents anyone from accessing your device, which can happen through a USB connection.

Buying this 5W standard wireless charging station from PrimeCables on discount, you’ll see its premium design with non-slip pads, LED indicators, and a compact build overall. Additional features include MultiProtect technology which manages things like temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention, and more. All for only $9.99, you won’t regret adding this charging accessory to your smartphone setup.

Standard wireless chargers like these are appearing everywhere, including hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and public spaces of all kinds. They’re becoming more and more common, and with more devices coming out able to be charged wirelessly, now’s the perfect time to get yourself set up with a charger. It’s a level of convenience we’ve never had before. Imagine, you’ve a friend over at your place and they want to charge their phone. All they need to do is drop it on the charging mat.

For the ultimate iPhone charger in Canada, visit PrimeCables and get it on discount for our big June Birthday Sale. A charging mat is infinitely better than having to chase after USB cables to plug in a smartphone. When your battery is running low, you’ll be glad to have your 5W standard wireless charger hooked up. Buy yours today from PrimeCables.

PrimeCables Birthday Sale with a Satisfying Discount on All Cables

Are you looking for the best deal on HDMI cables, home theater cables, and more? We’ve got you covered. PrimeCables Birthday Sale is coming with many satisfying cuts across a range of audio, video, and Internet cables.

HDMI cables

Choose the perfect HDMI cable for your household needs. Browse exclusive June 2019 discounts on HDMI 4K 2.0 cables, HDMI cables with Ethernet, HDMI to VGA, HDMI to DVI, micro cables, mini cables, and a mix of splitters, extenders, and adapters. Choose your HDMI cables wisely. When you buy in bulk, save $100s. There’s no coupon code – nothing needed. Get ready to click into the discounts!

Audio cables

Audio cables have seen some amazing cuts on price this month, making it more feasible than ever to upgrade your home theater speaker system. See prices slashed on speaker wire, professional-grade audio cables including XLR and RCA, digital coaxial digital cables, 3.5mm audio cables, and Toslink optical audio cables. You’ll have no trouble getting a good deal on these cables!

Ethernet cables

Another element of your home theater system might be to move from a WiFi connection to network Ethernet cables. On discount in the PrimeCables catalogue, you’ll find Cat7 Ethernet cable, Cat6, Cat 6a, Cat 5e, fiber optic cables, and Cat8 network cable. To beef up your order to reach the $49 threshold to qualify for free shipping to anywhere in Canada, you may also choose to add keystone jacks, network routers and switches, or other accessories to your order.

Thousands of customers who have come to us this year have shared rave reviews of the affordability of our cables and the quality design. There’s no need to overpay on cables you can receive for less.

This June, in celebration of our big birthday sale, 100s of products will be marked down. Regardless of whether you’re buying cables for your home theater system, smartphone, tablet, Internet, or other devices, you’ll find many products that will pair easy with your cable purchase from PrimeCables. Do yourself a favor and check out our adapters, TVs, electronics, TV wall mounts, ergonomic sit-stands, smart TV boxes, surround sound speaker systems, and more. There’s no discount code or anything. Like we mentioned, the price cut is automatically applied.

For Canadians who have been waiting for the right price to buy electronics, now’s your opportunity. Before summer sets in this June, check in with us. Our birthday sale only comes once a year and this year, it’s going to be a big one. Shop with PrimeCables today.

PrimeCables Birthday Sale Shopping Tip #1 – Get a TV Wall Mount Cheaper and Better

TV wall mounts allow a homeowner to take their TV off a stand or table and suspend their flat-screen in air. Supported by the wall behind it, wall mounts can contribute a lot to creating an immersive home theater feel.

Canada’s own PrimeCables just happens to be throwing our yearly Birthday Sale this June and celebrating the occasion, we’re dropping the price on almost all of our TV wall mounts. For 1 month only, you can get a TV wall mount at a cheaper price than anywhere else from PrimeCables. Needless to say, we don’t compromise on quality either. Choose from a basic TV wall mount model or tilt and swivel, a full motion with articulating arm, a pull-down design, or one which is mounted from the ceiling. Regardless of your TV mount selection, you can count on receiving a high quality product.

There’s no better way to watch a high-definition LCD TV than with a wall mount. You’re really investing in the look of your home theater system, adding some flair that’s sure to be appreciated by any family or friends you have over. Using a HD TV wall mount, you can adjust the screen to where you want it to be – modifying the angle, height, and reducing glare in the process. If you have a window or light source to contend with which can occasionally cause issues for daytime viewing, a mount gives you a lot of ways to adjust your flat-screen to get that glare out of there! Outside of looking absolutely fabulous, a wall mount is going to save on space as it lifts the television off the floor and sets it against the wall.

Now, when choosing a wall mount, you must ensure you’re paying attention to the VESA requirements. VESA means the hole patterns on the back of the TV. After you find out the VESA specifications you’re working with, you can ensure you’re getting a wall mount that suits your needs. The weight and size of your TV are also a consideration which needs to be made. Cable ties aren’t such a bad idea to keep your cables from hanging down dangerously from your TV. Also, you may wish to have a shelving unit or something additional installed to accommodate any devices you may want to connect to your flat-screen.

This June, you won’t need to shop anywhere else. Join us for our 2019 Birthday Sale at PrimeCables and save big on TV wall mounts and accessories!

Birthday Sale Shopping Tip #1 – Get a Car Phone Mount Holder Cheaper and Better

Hands-free smartphone use now just a click away. As PrimeCables heads into its birthday sale shopping month this June, we are slashing prices! One of the hundreds of high quality products seeing a drop in price is PrimeCables’ car phone mount holder. Featuring a premium design, nowhere will you find a better price than with us on this smartphone mount.

Keep your device secure and accessible at all times. Admittedly, smartphones are very, very useful tools in navigating highways, going from home to work and vice versa, and when you’re simply out for a drive. That said, they can be a distraction when they start ringing and you know you can’t miss that call, or when you want to switch to a new podcast or song playing through your Bluetooth connection.

Instead of having to shuffle around the front seat for your smartphone, go hands-free with a magnetic car mount. With a 360-degree rotatable design, it makes your smartphone easy to access at any time. Everything’s secure at eye level and it doesn’t put you or your passengers in danger. The nature of the design also makes it stickable to almost any flat surface in the car. Choose the dashboard, window, or wherever is most convenient.

Using one of these, no longer is there a struggle to answer a phone call or skip a song on play. Simple, effective, and cheap in price, PrimeCables phone mounts are useful to any driver with regular interaction with their phones while in the car. The screen visibility alone is a big help, whether you’re on a smartphone or using a GPS. Your phone will be right there with you, in front and in full view.

Even if you don’t use your phone that often in the car, we would still recommend getting a smartphone mount primarily for safety purposes. It’s beneficial to have your phone in a location where you can be assured it’s secure. A phone mount eliminates any need to go searching for your device. When you need it, or if there’s ever an emergency where you need to pick up the phone, your smartphone is right there and ready to access. These devices of ours are expensive and carry a lot of key information to our day-to-day. Keeping them safe in the car is important. Choose a smartphone mount from PrimeCables today to maximize safety and convenience on the road.

For the best car phone mounts in Canada, browse PrimeCables’ catalog. For less than $6, you’ll have an amazing smartphone mount holder to use in your vehicle. In anticipation of our upcoming birthday sale this June, shop with us today and bookmark your favourites!

Celebrate PrimeCables Birthday June 2019 by offering 32” HD LED TV with IPS LCD Panel Bedroom Television on Big Discount

Canadians love the PrimeCables 32” LED TV and coming up this June, it’s going on sale in celebration of PrimeCables’ birthday. June’s always a big month for us to begin with, as consumers are gearing up for summer. It’s a great time to upgrade your TV or to set up a little bedroom home theater system with a medium-sized 32-inch.

The 32-inch HD LED TV with IPS LCD panel bedroom TV is a great entry-level flat-screen and something which is perfect for the bedroom, kitchen, or guest room. In HD 720p, features include three HDMI inputs which make it easy to hook up whichever devices you need, a 60Hz refresh rate with reduced motion blur, a Toslink digital output which allows for surround sound system installation, and dual 10-watt speakers for enhanced audio.

At PrimeCables, we try our best to keep prices affordable for everyday Canadian families. That’s why we’re offering this 32” high-definition TV on discount for $149.99 with fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Cash in on this deal right now and save possibly hundreds. It’s not the only home theater deal you’ll see this June, either. You can browse smart TV boxes, HDTV antennas, home theater cables and adapters, projectors, speaker systems, Bluetooth soundbars, and more.

Did you know approximately 64 percent of Canadian households have TVs in the bedroom – it’s true! A lot of families may not necessarily be able to afford a second TV like this but sometimes, you’ve just got to go for it. It’s a high quality product which won’t let you down. Set it up in your bedroom and hook it up to your available cable, satellite, and streaming options. Then, the next time you want to watch a movie or catch up on your favourite TV show, you don’t need to leave the bed to do it.

Canada’s best budget 720p TV is just a click away. Celebrate PrimeCables birthday June 2019 with this exclusive offer available only while quantities last. If you were to suggest a TV like this anywhere else for under $200, you would be challenged trying to it. PrimeCables will let the other brands fight it out for who has the biggest and most advanced flat-screen. We do high quality products at affordable prices, for Canadians from a Canadian company.

This June, drop into PrimeCables to see this 720p 32” HD TV sale and more. Save $100s on home theater products and accessories available only from PrimeCables.