Instantly Double Your Smartphone Screen Size with a Screen Magnifier and Reduce Eye Strain

At night and in bed, you may find yourself with a headache trying to watch media on your smartphone. If you’re in the backseat of a vehicle, commuting in transit, or simply passing time some afternoon, no one wants to tire their eyes out trying to watch a film or TV series on their phones. Instead, try a screen magnifier for smartphones.

Complete with a foldable stand, you can enlarge your smartphone screen by as much as 2.5 times. If you’re often watching video on a small screen, you can reduce so much fatigue with a magnifier. In the past, you may have seen similar products. They’re usually built cheap and sometimes don’t always provide the clearest picture. This guy does. Clear, vivid, and dynamic. Coming in a small size and easy enough to carry around, take it with you to wherever you may roam.

Within seconds, you can turn your tiny smartphone into a full-blown theatre room. If you watch movies regularly on your smartphone, even if you don’t feel it, that’s a lot of stress on the eyes. Through the design of this smartphone magnifier, all you need to do is insert your smartphone to its’ back and then you’ll enjoy a wide array of benefits, including cutting down on visual fatigue, prevention near-sightedness, and radiation protection.

The magnifier also supports hands-free use. In a way, it’s almost like its own stand. In its enclosed design, you can adjust the angle and turn it into your own little media center. It is suitable for iPhones and other smartphones although is not compatible with iPads or tablets. Use it indoors, outdoors, camping, or wherever you may go. If there are any doubts on size, measure it. This screen magnifier is ideal for phones measuring less than 14 cm in length, 8.3 cm in width, and 1.3 cm in thickness.

More and more, we are seeing interest in smartphone magnifiers from not only Canadians but smartphone users worldwide. So much media is watched on our phones every day, from TV to movies, YouTube, live streaming, downloads, and our own self-created video. When you have some way to magnify the video on your phone, it gives the chance for you to share it with your family or friends without having to cast it to the TV. Although not all smartphone magnifiers are sufficiently effective, the PrimeCables model has got to be one of Canada’s best.

Buy your screen magnifier in Canada for iPhones, Android, Huawei, and any other smartphone type today from PrimeCables. Combine it with other products like a Nintendo Switch wireless controller or wireless multimedia keyboard to bring it up to a minimum order of $49 and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. See this PrimeCables exclusive.

PrimeCables® Cellphone Screen Magnifier

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