What’s the Best iPhone 11 Case in Canada – See The List!

An iPhone deserves to be protected. Unfortunately, a lot of smartphone cases don’t look as impressive as the technology inside an Apple device.

If you want a cool-looking iPhone case, you’ve come to the right place. All the models found throughout this short list are available from PrimeCables. Go online, pick your favourite, and set your order. It’s as easy as that and you’ll have it delivered right to your front step. Here are the best iPhone 11 cases in Canada, as chosen by our smartphone experts.

Alta Strap case

When discussing iPhone cases, there are a few keywords you want to look for and this entry has all of them. The Alta Strap case for iPhone 11 boasts a unique textured aesthetic design on a slim hardshell case with military-grade drop protection and a wrist strap for easy carrying. It is fully compatible with wireless charging as well which means you don’t have to remove the iPhone from its case to set it down to charge.

Moshi Altra Strap Case Black for iPhone 11

iGlaze Hardshell Pearl White case

The iGlaze fuses the look of design with functionality and drop protection. Of course you have protective safeguards in the iGlaze design but it’s most impressive feature is its look. The iGlaze’s diamond-cut aluminum backplate has a unique metallic finish that looks gorgeous. It’s also scratch resistant, ensuring you aren’t trading in on security for looks.

Moshi iGlaze Hardshell Case Pearl White for iPhone 11

Civilian Rugged Featherlight case

The Civilian Rugged Featherlight case is one of the better iPhone cases by far with a patented impact liner and polycarbonate armor shell. It look devilishly high-tech and still provides easy access to the touchscreen and all ports.

UAG Civilian Rugged Featherlight Case Black for iPhone 11 Pro

Plyo Rugged case

The Plyo Rugged case makes the list for its unique air-soft corner design that gently cushions impact. The Plyo is also translucent, with an armor shell casing, composite construction, and overall minimalistic design. Your iPhone is well carried for in a Plyo.

UAG Plyo Rugged Case Ash for iPhone 11 Pro

Monarch Rugged case

An argument can certainly be made that the Monarch is THE best iPhone 11 case in Canada. Meeting double the military standard for drop protection, the featherlight construction is handcrafted and contains five layers of protection. The exterior is all top grain leather and alloy metal hardware. The interior is soft and with honeycomb traction grip. There isn’t a better performance out there when talking about iPhone cases than the Monarch.

UAG Monarch Rugged Case Crimson for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Overture Folio case

This is 360-degree protection for your iPhone 11. Dressed in charcoal black, your iPhone is fully protected inside from scratches and shocks. Contained in the design are three card slots and additional storage in an inner pocket. Lastly, it transforms into a folding stand design to watch videos with.

Moshi Overture Folio Case Charcoal Black for iPhone 11 Pro

See the Best Tripod for Instagram Photography and YouTube Video

Do you know how to get your next spectacular Instagram photo from your smartphone or professional camera? Are you ready to take your YouTube videos up a notch with crystal clear, stable photography? What we’re talking about is what anyone with a camera needs – a lightweight tripod.

A tripod is an underrated camera accessory and in an era of selfies, isn’t something thought of outside of people with a strong passion for photography and video-taking. Even so, a tripod instantly expands the types of photos or video one can take. It also opens up a whole new category of capture, with your ability to maintain stability in intense, movement-heavy situations.

What can you do with a lightweight photography and video tripod? We’ll you’ve definitely for some options and different types to choose from. What we’re talking about so far is a universal photography or video camera tripod that allows you to center your camera without problem. Ideally, for this, you want something lightweight, height adjustable, and high compatibility. A tripod like this you can carry with you when you’re travelling, on the road, to events or sports games, or keep it in the home to provide a stable, centered image.

That isn’t the only type of tripod for Instagram or YouTube that will keep your smartphone centered. If you don’t have a DSLR pro camera and are just using your smartphone, consider a mini tripod stand holder for your smartphone – one that’s portable and adjustable. Incredibly inexpensive, they’ll allow you to center your phone on a table or flat surface. Just like a general tripod, you can use it to position, angle, and rotate your smartphone to where you have to shoot.

If you’re making professional YouTube videos or want to up your Instagram photo-taking game, you can also use the sort of tripods that world class photographers go for. Light plays huge influence on quality of photo and video on social media. What so many YouTubers go for are photography light tripods which can help position all sorts of lighting, soft boxes, and umbrellas. Manipulating light, you can ease out facial blemishes and give your image the exact aesthetic you want.

You can’t take every photo with your smartphone or camera in hand! Sometimes, a little bit of stability and manipulation isn’t a bad thing. Find a height adjustable, durable, secure, and portable lightweight tripod for Instagram, YouTube, and social media.

PrimeCables® Lightweight Universal Tripod

Shop it all from Canada’s own PrimeCables and join the ranks of other hands-free, stable smartphone photographers and influencers.

Instantly Double Your Smartphone Screen Size with a Screen Magnifier and Reduce Eye Strain

At night and in bed, you may find yourself with a headache trying to watch media on your smartphone. If you’re in the backseat of a vehicle, commuting in transit, or simply passing time some afternoon, no one wants to tire their eyes out trying to watch a film or TV series on their phones. Instead, try a screen magnifier for smartphones.

Complete with a foldable stand, you can enlarge your smartphone screen by as much as 2.5 times. If you’re often watching video on a small screen, you can reduce so much fatigue with a magnifier. In the past, you may have seen similar products. They’re usually built cheap and sometimes don’t always provide the clearest picture. This guy does. Clear, vivid, and dynamic. Coming in a small size and easy enough to carry around, take it with you to wherever you may roam.

Within seconds, you can turn your tiny smartphone into a full-blown theatre room. If you watch movies regularly on your smartphone, even if you don’t feel it, that’s a lot of stress on the eyes. Through the design of this smartphone magnifier, all you need to do is insert your smartphone to its’ back and then you’ll enjoy a wide array of benefits, including cutting down on visual fatigue, prevention near-sightedness, and radiation protection.

The magnifier also supports hands-free use. In a way, it’s almost like its own stand. In its enclosed design, you can adjust the angle and turn it into your own little media center. It is suitable for iPhones and other smartphones although is not compatible with iPads or tablets. Use it indoors, outdoors, camping, or wherever you may go. If there are any doubts on size, measure it. This screen magnifier is ideal for phones measuring less than 14 cm in length, 8.3 cm in width, and 1.3 cm in thickness.

More and more, we are seeing interest in smartphone magnifiers from not only Canadians but smartphone users worldwide. So much media is watched on our phones every day, from TV to movies, YouTube, live streaming, downloads, and our own self-created video. When you have some way to magnify the video on your phone, it gives the chance for you to share it with your family or friends without having to cast it to the TV. Although not all smartphone magnifiers are sufficiently effective, the PrimeCables model has got to be one of Canada’s best.

Buy your screen magnifier in Canada for iPhones, Android, Huawei, and any other smartphone type today from PrimeCables. Combine it with other products like a Nintendo Switch wireless controller or wireless multimedia keyboard to bring it up to a minimum order of $49 and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada. See this PrimeCables exclusive.

PrimeCables® Cellphone Screen Magnifier

Enjoy a New Way to Film Video Using a Handheld Smartphone Camera Stabilizer with Zoom

Stabilizing your smartphone video camera to film and take photos sometimes seems like an insurmountable challenge. Now this doesn’t have to be so.

Similar to a selfie stick and how it helps with providing a better angle for photo-taking, a camera stabilizer is all about adding stability to video-taking. In addition, a few features built in to a multi-axis handheld smartphone stabilizer allows a user to zoom in, auto-track, adjust focus, and more.

The design of the smartphone stabilizer with zoom includes anti-shake mechanisms, multiple charging methods, multiple working modes, durability, light in weight, face-tracking, object-tracking, and time-lapse shooting with panoramic functionality. All of this makes it easy to take videos for family occasions, vacations, out in nature, during sports games, and more. Nobody wants to watch a video where the camera’s shaking the entire time. This is a new way for smartphone filmmakers and video editors to get the most from a professional-level capture.

There are entire films that have been shot with iPhones and smartphone cameras. The video quality’s unbelievable on some of these. Just because you have quality however does not necessarily mean you’ll receive a professionally filmed product. Stable, smooth footage is required.

Unfortunately with a phone, shaking is hard to reduce. With a smartphone camera stabilizer, you’re not only able to get the stability you want but it makes it easier to move with stability – tracking shots, panoramic shots, time-lapses, object-tracking, and more is so, so much easier!

The zoom is also a huge feature of these, allowing you to move in and take close-up shots controlling the image to the utmost degree. There doesn’t have to be any limits to your creativity.

Fortunately, all features and specs are accessible in the handle. You don’t have to touch your smartphone once it’s locked onto the end of the handheld video stabilizer. Tap into working modes and the zoom with ease. Shoot vertically or horizontally when and as needed.

For every and any smartphone under 6 inches, this is your ticket to high quality professional filmmaking. Take your YouTube videos up a notch. Film all the footage you need. Never be disappointed again with capture because of shake. For iPhones, Google Pixel, Nexus, Samsung Huawei, LG, and more, charge up your stabilizer and set out for your next video-taking!

Buy your handheld smartphone camera stabilizer in Canada from PrimeCables today. Receive fast shipping to anywhere in the country free of charge!

Where to Find the Best Deals on Smartphone Accessories for iPhone and Android

For smartphones from Samsung, Google, Motorola, or if you’ve gone with the trendy iPhone, accessories and cables can add up. USB chargers, adapters, earbuds, and Bluetooth enabled speakers certainly come at a price. Thankfully, PrimeCables is offering all the smartphone accessories deals you can handle.

Let’s start with the classic USB sync and charge cables. Regardless of whether you’re looking for USB Type-C cables, USB 2.0, or USB 3.0, there are at least a half-dozen cleverly designed cable products under each. Nylon jacket protection, for example, is an excellent way to guard against pets chewing through the cable, the cable being bent and broken, or having something else happen which completely destroys your ability to sync or charge your device.

If you’re not working with an Android smartphone and you have an iPhone, you may need an Apple specific USB cable. Via PrimeCables, you can get Apple-certified USB sync and charge cables at a fraction of the cost you may pay going through a non-Canadian source. Search lightning charger cables, Thunderbolt 3 cables and adapters, 30-pin Apple cables, USB Type-C cables, and a variety of Apple specialty cables. 

Going beyond the basics of the USB cable to charge your smartphone, maybe you want some adapters or accessories to boost the capability of your Android or iPhone. Pick up affordable family-friendly pricing on dual-port USB smartphone car chargers, USB multi-port wall chargers, portable external battery chargers and power banks to ensure you never lose your smartphone charge, and more. Wherever you go, it doesn’t hurt to have a place to plug in your phone for juice.

There’s also some great low-cost smartphone products to pair with your iPhone or Android this July. A magnetic car mount with a 360-degree rotatable mound allows you to position your smartphone in your car for easy access and viewing when you’re on the road. For iPhone X, transparent clear soft cases with a glass screen protector are a great way to lock in your smartphone securely. There are also very affordable stereo ergonomically designed earbuds equipped with great sound, a mic, and volume control.

If you haven’t upgraded your smartphone setup yet, here’s your opportunity. Enjoying music, movies, texting, and connecting with family and friends has never been more enjoyable with products like these. If you don’t have something like a USB sync and charge cable or a smartphone holder for the car, these are basic items that make it much easier to enjoy what a phone has to offer.

Get on board. Complete the incomplete, with the best deals on smartphone accessories from PrimeCables. Save and get high quality trendy tech we know you’ll love. Who know, you may grow to use some of these cables, adapters, and accessories maybe every day. Visit the PrimeCables catalogue to find more.

How to Mount your Phone in your Car Properly using a Magnetic 360-Degree Car Mount

Using a magnetic car mount is a fantastic way to maintain a driver’s commitment to hands-free driving and to keep the road environment safe. Though the laws and fines are tight, even still, users across Canada continue to drive distracted with their smartphones in hand. For these reasons, car companies are encouraging drivers to mount their cell phones in-car using a universal car phone holder to do so. Thankfully, when shopping with PrimeCables, buy a magnetic 360-degree car mount on discount, bringing together a high quality product with the perfect price!

With the ability to stick to any surface, buy the Magnetic Car Mount, 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder – PrimeCables® today. Though it may have been originally released to market for $29.99, you can buy this magnetic 360-degree car mount today from PrimeCables for only $4.99. In terms of price, it doesn’t get better than that. If you’re searching for the best phone car mounts and holders, there’s no reason to spend above $25 on models that are equal to or that don’t come close to the PrimeCables product. Through the use of this car mount, safely install your smartphone, GPS, or other digital device to wherever you need it in-vehicle.



Deciding how to mount your phone in your car properly using the magnetic 360-degree car mount is simple. Just be sure to clean where you want to place the mount in with alcohol cotton and set the magnet into position. Then, attach the small metal plate to the back of the device. Attach the magnetic plate to the metal ball, and then attach the device to the magnet – it’s that easy.

Needless to say, magnetic car mounts are used for many different reasons. If you’re in the middle of a text chat and need to hit the road but want to stay connected to the conversation, a mount at least gets the smartphone up in front for you to have a glance in emergencies. For anyone lost out there on the road, using a smartphone or GPS installed in the magnetic mount can help find your way back. Then, there are those who manage requests on Uber, Lyft, and similar ride-hailing apps. The Magnetic Car Mount, 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder for $4.99 can be used across each of these purposes. Remember, using your smartphone in the car can be dangerous. Be sure to use it smartly and safely, and buy the PrimeCables magnetic 360-degree car mount today.

PrimeCables 360° Rotatable Mount Holder

Primecables 360 phone car mount
Primecables 360 phone car mount

The best mobile mount is on sale for 75% off at just $4.99, the PrimeCables Magnetic Car Mount. Have you ever wanted hands-free calls while driving? Eye-level visibility in the kitchen? Somewhere to put your waterproofed phone in the shower? This is a versatile, ubiquitous rotatable mount holder that sticks to any surface, with a magnetic ball and adhesive base, and gives you a rotating solution for all your hands-free device needs.


Available exclusively on PrimeCables.ca, this 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder sticks to any flat surface, giving you unlimited possibilities!

PrimeCables 360 phone magnetic mount
PrimeCables 360 phone magnetic mount

Weight bearing up to 250g, the PrimeCables Magnetic Car Mount works with virtually any mobile device. Smartphones, GPS, iPods, tablets. Free of wobbles, free of slippage, the magnetic intensity of the mount guarantees safe, hands-free operation while driving, cooking, working out at home, and in a great deal of other situations, such as showering or operating another device. The ball mount allows you to adjust the viewing angle fluidly, while holding your device firmly in place with its neodymium magnet and silicon center. It can even be used as a desktop kickstand for your smartphone or tablet, to provide a perfect line of sight to both your desktop and handheld displays.

magnetic phone mount primecables
magnetic phone mount primecables

Installation couldn’t be simpler, just stick it to any flat surface and presto! Durable in all temperatures, safe to use with any device. Check out the video review on YouTube.


It’s got three components in total: the magnetic ball mount, with 3M sticker base to stick to any flat surface; the magnetism pad, providing the secure mounting action between mount and device; and the metal plate, which binds to the pad on one side, and comes with a 3M sticker on the otherside, to adhere to your handheld and mobile devices.


On sale for just $4.99, the full package includes the ball mount, magnetic pad, magnetic plate, and two additional stickers to allow for multiple mounts throughout your life. Add a mount in your sedan, in your truck, and in your home! Mount your phone, your GPS, and your tablet with a single purchase!
Tired of walking through aisle after aisle to track down a car mount that measures the dimensions of your GPS or phone? With the PrimeCables Magnetic Car Mount, you’ll never have to worry about it again! It’s an all-in-one solution that’s quick, reliable, and functional in every possible scenario. You’ve arrived at your destination: PrimeCables.ca.

PrimeCables’ Birthday Sale Sneak Peak – get a Magnetic Car Mount Holder for your Phone

PrimeCables magnetic car mount
PrimeCables magnetic car mount

Car mounts for smartphones are at an all-time high in terms of popularity. More Canadians are going to magnetic car mounts to hold their iPhones, Androids, and other smartphone devices in place as they drive. As more provinces have implemented distracted driving laws, it is highly important to ensure that no one is putting their lives at risk by going to look at their smartphone when they should be keeping their eyes on the road. As it pertains to car mounts, they keep the smartphone at eye-level, providing easy access and helping drivers with their navigation and receiving phone calls in the vehicle.


This upcoming June is a big birthday for PrimeCables. Since 2007, we have served thousands upon thousands of Canadians across the country. In tribute to the customers who have made us one of the fastest growing Canadian eCommerce communities, we are cutting down discounts even further, sometimes reaching as much as 70 percent off! As a sort of birthday sale sneak peak, receive the Magnetic Car Mount, 360 Degree Rotatable Universal Car Phone Mount Holder at a very special price. The original market price for this magnetic car mount holder for your phone is $29.99 however for a limited time only, we’ve cut it down to only $4.99!


For any Canadian in the market for a magnetic car mount for under $5, this is easily the best price you will find anywhere. Even better, the magnetic mount sticks anywhere so it’s not just for use in-car. Stick this mount to any wall or surface, as needed. For most smartphones, GPS, and other digital devices, there should be no compatibility issues. That said, if there is, PrimeCables offers free returns and a 1-year guarantee on all items in our catalogue. Thus, if you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can see what we can do.


The list of advantages to this magnetic car mount is long, including a sleek design that is easy to use, adaptability to almost any surface, impressive compatibility with a wide array of devices. Combine this $4.99 purchase with some other items in the PrimeCables catalogue to exceed a minimum threshold of $49 and receive fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.


For the best magnetic car mount, this item will meet every expectation. Drive safer, stick it where you need to, and begin reaping the benefits of having your smartphone right there in front of you when you need it most!