3 Best Headphones and Wireless Earbuds for Music, Podcasts, and Media in 2020

For under $100, wireless headphones and earbuds in Canada that sound great and last may resemble an impossibility – it’s not.

On this list are three of Canada’s best headphones and wireless earbuds for media. On a comparison of price-to-value, these models exceed their competitors. They all pack exhibit excellence in sound and functionality. Here’s our list.

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds with mic and charging case – $44.99

You’ve seen wireless Bluetooth earbuds like these before. Currently on sale, the all-white earbuds come with a rechargeable case, have a multi-function button to answer calls if you’re on a smartphone, and involve no wires whatsoever.

If you want high-tech earbuds with great sound, this fits the definition. They’re built well but as wireless headphones, they won’t tolerate as much abuse as cheaper or wired models can. Fortunately, as long as they’re properly taken care of and charged, you’re going to get an excellent performance from them.

Over-the-ear high-tech headphones – $19.99

The best headphones in Canada for under $20 is this model. The over-the-ear design cuts out background noise. The detachable cable and mic makes it easy to pack and use for communications and gaming. They’re also foldable. For the functionality alone, you can’t go wrong.

When it comes to sound clarity, these headphones receive an A+. It’s like having a premium headphone for a much lower price. It’s killer sound and on top of that, you can knock these around a bit without having to worry about quality of audio being affected. For the rigors of everyday use, choose these.

Hi-Fi Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling headphones – $69.99

For Bluetooth wireless headphones, you won’t find a better pair. Enjoy up to 16 hours of playtime on a 500mAh lithium-ion battery. The Active Noise Cancelling component helps to build an excellent quality sound that you can enjoy on movies, music, YouTube, podcasts, and more.

Audiophiles love the sound that this pair delivers. It’s a tough bar to clear offering this type of quality for under $100 but this model definitely got there. They work great on a workout cardio machine or worn in bed while watching a movie. They do a great job blocking out the world around you and letting you focus in on your audio experience.

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