How Do I Connect DisplayPort to USB

Do you have older DisplayPort devices that you want to connect to a USB port – now you can. Through PrimeCables’ bidirectional USB Type-C to DisplayPort cable, this offers the adaptability users have always wanted.

Connect USB devices to DisplayPort ports. Connect DisplayPort devices to USB ports. The bidirectional design allows for both of these things to happen. It works in both directions! This is a high quality cable capable of delivering 4K video signals and with a 60 Hz refresh rate.

Normally, to make this same connection, you might have had to buy a special adapter in the past. This adapter would have to have the functionality to do a DisplayPort to USB connection which doesn’t necessarily mean 4K was achievable. If you have legacy DisplayPort devices, excluding them from your home theater system or being unable to use them – those days are gone.

Do you have an old PC and new monitor that you need to make a connection to – DisplayPort’s a great standard to use but with the IT industry fixated on USB, complications arise. Use this DisplayPort to USB bidirectional cable to make that connection whenever wanted.

What can I use my DisplayPort to USB bidirectional cable for?

  • Use DisplayPort as a source.
  • Use USB signal as a source, as long as the computer, tablet, or smartphone has DisplayPort alternate mode enacted.
  • With 4K images, receive sharp, detailed images.
  • At the high refresh rate of 60 Hz, everything will be so much smoother.

It’s all plug and play, and requires no advanced setup or special IT knowledge. This is a great present for those that have a mix of new and old computer equipment, or new and old home theater systems. If you have a parent or grandparent who have the issue of many having too many cables, check to see if this DisplayPort to USB cable might be a way to help simplify their setup.

Can DisplayPort carry USB signals?

As we continue to move towards a world where USB is the single connecting cable we all use, DisplayPort has adapted to move into the same USB Type-C connector everything else uses. Though we hope to see more development in this vein in the future, for the time being, this bidirectional DisplayPort adapter cable may be your best bet at getting a DisplayPort signal into a USB port.

Make it easy to bridge USB and DisplayPort devices. Get your DisplayPort to USB adapter or DisplayPort to USB bidirectional cable in Canada from PrimeCables today.

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