Electric v. Manual Sit-Standing Desk: Which Is Better For Your Office?

So you want to buy a height-adjustable desk. You’ve seen the different models. Some come electric and others are manual. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Which is better for your office – that’s a question this article wants to answer.

How does a manual height adjustable desk work?

A manual sit-standing desk usually works with either air pistons or a spring-assisted lifting mechanism. The user chooses what position they want their desk at. Manual standing desks are usually built with handles on the side. This is what you use to adjust the height.

How does an electric sit-stand desk work?

An electric height adjustable desk usually has a single button that controls the vertical motion. They’re very easy to use – their biggest advantage. If you’re just looking to press a button and watch everything happen, an electric sit-stand desk is perfect.

Is a manual standing desk a better price than electric?

Manual is more affordable than electric. It may seem obvious. It is worth stating. Electric ergonomic desks can cost quite a bit as opposed to a manual version which is sometimes discounted to $150 or less.

Which ergonomic desk can hold more weight, electric or manual?

The larger the size desk you have and the heavier the weight, the more models rely on electronics. Electric sit-standing desks are generally considered to be able to tolerate more weight than manual models.

Does an electric height adjustable desk need electricity?

An electric ergonomic desk needs to be plugged into an outlet. If you don’t have an outlet available, there won’t be a way for you to lift and lower your desk. An electric desk cannot be converted into a manual desk. It either works or it doesn’t. On this note, if you ever experience motor issues, your desk could end up stuck at a certain height until it is fixed.

A manual or electric ergonomic desk, which is quieter?

A manual desk is considered quieter than electric models. That said, this varies by brand and design. The reason why a manual height adjustable ergonomic desk is quieter is because you don’t have to hear the electronic gears raise the desk.

Is a manual height adjustable desk harder to use?

When you have a manual height adjustable desk, you use an assisted lifting mechanism to lift, lower, and stabilize its top. Lifting it is generally quite easy. Where users have found difficulty is lowering it. Due to it being a spring or gas-cylinder, you may need to use your body weight to bring it back down.

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