The Best TV Wall Mounts in Canada Are Available Today to Up Your Home Theater Look

The best TV wall mounts come with simple charms. The process is simple. Lift your TV. Place it on the wall. Angle it according to your seating. Now you’ve turned your flat-screen into an authentic home theater system.

Having your TV sit on a stand, desk, or table is an obsolete presentation. It doesn’t look trendy, clutters the room, and takes up more space than what’s needed. With a wall mount, you’re maximizing your space while creating a more immersive viewing experience for you and your family.

The best TV wall mounts in Canada come in different types and sizes. You want to find a mount with the right VESA specifications. You also want to know it can handle the weight of your screen and that your TV mount has the functionality you desire. Here are some options.

No-angle tilt TV mount for 26” to 55”

Supports flat-screens up to 88 pounds. This is one of the most affordable wall mounts for TVs available. It won’t be able to handle excessively large TVs but for something within this weight range, this TV wall mount’s everything your flat-screen deserves.

Heavy-duty tilting curved wall mount for 37” to 70”

This heavy-duty tilting curved TV wall mount is also very affordable and is designed with open architecture in mind. Tilt this mount up and down to a 10-degree angle. The tilt function will minimize glare during daytime hours or if your flat-screen is opposing a window.

Elegant slim full-motion TV wall mount for 26” to 55”

A full-motion TV wall mount is one of the most advanced mounts you can select. Tilt to a 15-degree angle or swivel it left and right by 60-degrees to maximize the viewing angle. If your entertainment room will vary in who is watching, this is the right mount for you. You can adjust angles according to whether it’s just you or a room full of people. Comfort prioritized!

Pivoting TV wall mount with articulating arm for 13” to 27”

For smaller flat-screens, a pivoting TV wall mount allows you to move it in and out of view with ease. For this model, there is no tilt or angling. You do, however, get an articulating arm to swing your flat-screen in and out of view.

Heavy-duty TV ceiling mount for 37” to 80”

You may see this model of TV mount at gyms and restaurants. Instead of mounting to the wall, your flat-screen hangs down from the ceiling. The installation takes a little more work but for qualifying rooms, the effects of a heavy-duty TV ceiling mount can be very impactful.

Full-motion pull-down TV wall mount for 43” to 70”

Another identifier for this type of mount is an ‘above fireplace’ model. This is your most premium and expensive option for mounting your TV. The functionality it gives you though is absolutely amazing. The full-motion pull-down TV wall mount allows you to physically pull down your TV screen, lifting and lowering it according to where you want your TV to sit in the room.

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