Multiple Single Monitor Mounts v. a Large Multi-Monitor Mount, Which Is Better – see here!

The best single monitor, dual monitor, and triple monitor mounts in Canada are available with PrimeCables.

As you comb through the catalogue, it fast becomes obvious. It’s unclear which mount is best according to what you need it to do. If you’re interested in an ergonomic monitor setup for yourself, single monitor mounts may prove more dynamic than one dual, triple, or 4-monitor mount.

Advantages of Multiple Single Monitor Mounts

A single monitor mount is very small on its own. This makes it easy to install on various computer desks.

The designs range from a stationary single monitor desk mount to a height-adjustable gas spring monitor mount.

Using multiple gas spring monitor mounts or another type of single monitor mount, you have the ultimate customization option. Set your monitors where you desire. There are no limitations on where or how many monitors you can have. All that’s required is something stable to affix your mount to.

Disadvantages of Multiple Single Monitor Mounts

Using multiple single monitor mounts, you can encounter space issues. You may have enough space to accommodate multiple single mount designs.

For some guests or friends, it may also appear confusing the placement of monitors. Most consumers expect a single multi-monitor mount for multiple monitors as opposed to a small collection of independent mounts.

Lastly, the expense of multiple single monitor mounts will most likely exceed a single mount for multiple monitors.

Advantages of a Large Multi-Monitor Mount

Large multi-monitor mounts are widely available. You, of course, have the very popular dual monitor mounts. There are also multi-monitor mounts up to six monitors and more. You can essentially create as large a station of monitors as you like.

Something like a quad monitor articulating arm desk mount saves a ton of space, is more economical than buying four single monitor mounts, and keeps all your monitors in one easy location.

Disadvantages of a Large Multi-Monitor Mount

You do lose some functionality when you begin getting into three-monitor and four-monitor mounts. Tilt and swivel functioning, for example, can vary.

Multi-monitor mounts do take up a lot of space. Some desks may not have enough available. Independent single monitor mounts may prove to give more options in this vein.

Proximity between monitors can be challenging. Mounts are meant for specific sizes. The more monitors a mount carries, the heavier and more expensive it’s likely to be. This creates issues around safety.

Find stylish, durable, heavy-duty monitor mounts for one or multiple monitors from PrimeCables today. Build a sleek, futuristic monitor space. Whether it’s for work, creativity, or gaming, your monitor mount will add ease and appeal in a way not otherwise possible. Visit us today for information and monitor mount availability.

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