Pros and Cons of Ethernet

Ethernet is the ultimate alternative to WiFi. Ethernet uses wires to provide Internet to qualifying devices. It is used throughout homes and businesses all over the world. This article explores the many pros and cons of Ethernet.

Pro – Ethernet is inexpensive

To install Ethernet, it is very affordable. Compared to other ways of connecting to the Internet, like modems, the expenses don’t compare. Ethernet wins on cost.

Pro – Ethernet does not require any switches or hubs

WiFi signals dissipate the further out you go. Distance is the enemy. This is why you may need additional modems, switches, or hubs to extend and strengthen a wireless Internet signal. With Ethernet, you don’t need to same.

Con – Ethernet is difficult to troubleshoot

If you have a problem with Ethernet, you need to troubleshoot by checking cables. This can be time-consuming and takes some effort. Fortunately, you shouldn’t experience issues with your Ethernet. It’s a very reliable Internet connection method.

Pro – Administrating Ethernet is simple

Managing a WiFi environment can get very complex. Especially in a business environment, security’s threatened if you’re all connected to wireless. From an administrator’s perspective, Ethernet networks are much easier to oversee.

Con – WiFi is good enough

A lot of homes just want affordable Internet. They don’t care how they get it. For them, WiFi’s enough. Ethernet might seem dated or unnecessary, even though many see it as very much opposite to that.

Pro – Quality of data transfer does not degrade

Ethernet cables are robust to noise and interference of any kind. This means your data transfer quality will not degrade. Enjoy high-quality, reliable Internet speeds.

Con – Ethernet is less convenient

Why a lot of homes do not use Ethernet is because WiFi appears more convenient. You just tap and put in a password. With an Ethernet connection, you have to connect via a wire. This isn’t possible on some devices which can cause issues.

Pro – Internet speeds on Ethernet are faster than WiFi

It’s insane how faster Ethernet can be. Some Ethernet cables transfer data at speeds up to 100Gbps. If you have experienced Internet issues gaming, streaming media, downloading, or across other Internet-intensive activities, it’s almost a requirement to switch over to Ethernet.

Pro – More reliable connection

This one deserves its own ‘pro’. An Ethernet cable doesn’t quit out on you like WiFi could. The connection’s a better speed with lower latency and more reliability. If the biggest priority is connection reliability and speed, Ethernet networking cables are well worth the investment.

Pro – Security is A+

Anyone can hack a WiFi signal with the right tools and knowledge. You can’t hack into a wired Ethernet connection. You would have to physically cut into the wire. Concerning Ethernet v. WiFi on Internet security, Ethernet is far superior.

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