Benefits of a Mini Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

Multimedia keyboards streamline all your tech needs. Years ago, it was all about getting one remote for your home theater system. You’d have one remote for your TV, satellite box, audio speakers, and more. Everything could be controlled through this one remote. A multimedia keyboard’s the same thing except for you not only get control over your flat-screen but every device around you.

It’s Inexpensive

Before we dig into the nitty-gritty, let’s just say the mini wireless multimedia keyboard is very affordable and it adds so much value. For under $20, you have the opportunity to add very impressive control over your home theater, music, streaming, and more.

What Can a Multimedia Keyboard Control?

A multimedia keyboard can control virtually everything. Any PC devices, such as laptops and desktops, can be operated remotely. Link it up with your Android TV box or smart TV for functionality you didn’t have before. Set it up with any IPTV/HTPC, XBOX360, HD player, and everything else.

Touchpad + Keyboard is a Winning Combination

A multimedia keyboard isn’t like sitting on the couch with a regular computer keyboard. You’ve got all the keys you would on a keyboard but you also have a touchpad, directional keys, shortcuts, and more.

USB Receiver

There is no driver installation required in using a mini wireless multimedia keyboard. It’s done via a USB receiver. This means you just put in the USB receiver and from there, your multimedia keyboard’s synced up to the device.

Type Out Your Commands

If you want to search something on YouTube or your computer synced up to a flat-screen, a multimedia keyboard allows you to type it out. You don’t have to be clicking around on a basic remote. Save yourself time and hassle. Type out commands quickly and get to where you’re going.


Although it is very much the ultimate home theater remote, a wireless multi-touch multimedia keyboard can also be positioned to be used in work presentations, for various professional purposes, for live music performance, and more. It all comes in through the USB receiver. Wherever you plug in the receiver, your keyboard’s connected. It operates wirelessly.


If there are programs you use frequently, you can put them in as keyboard functions. Set up special keys to access things like music, email, social media, or apps. Customize your overall experience according to what serves you best.

A mini multimedia keyboard brings a lot to the table. If your devices, screens, remote controls, or operating systems around your home theater are starting to add up, simplify it. A multimedia keyboard from PrimeCables is exactly what you need.

Featured photo by Ikhsan Sugiarto on Unsplash

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