Can I Mount a Curved Gaming Monitor – read here!

Curved TV screens have been dismissed as a fad by many industry insiders. Curved gaming monitors, however, are something else.

When it comes to gaming, a curved monitor re-designs the gaming experience. You feel more immersed into the game, the colors look brighter, and the quality of the visual is somehow improved.

Curved HDTVs and monitors work off the same principle as IMAX theaters. The curve acts as a periphery, wrapping around the audience. As a gamer, you feel like you’re right in the action. When you’re positioned in the right spot, there’s nothing like it.

A major question many have when buying a curved gaming monitor though is how to mount them. To be honest, curved screens may face some difficulty when it comes to wall mounting. Fortunately, for gamers, they’re usually mounting a monitor to a desk rather than a wall and so the type of mount used is different.

Earlier models of curved HDTV screens and monitors could not be mounted with the standard mount. In the last five years, however, most curved monitors are easily mounted with VESA mounting hardware.

Even if you still want to mount a curved monitor to the wall, it can still be done. A flat screen’s easier, of course. It’s flush with an adjacent wall. Mounting a flat-screen is far easier as you don’t necessarily require anything above your average wall mount. When you are working with a curved monitor, you need to be far more careful in your positioning and with the mount you choose.

If you require a curved monitor desk mount, fortunately, there are a lot more options. You don’t require your monitor to be flat with a wall or anything. The result is that as long as you have the correct specifications, setting up a curved monitor desk mount is identical to doing it with a completely flat screen. That said, it doesn’t hurt to check with your manufacturer to verify the mount you’re buying is equipped with what you need to get the job done.

At the end of the day, mounting a gaming monitor shouldn’t cause you too much hassle. If a curved gaming monitor sounds too difficult to set up though, you can always go with a similar sized flat 4K gaming monitor.

Curved monitors are great. They’re truly something to behold, look very high-tech, and when it comes to gaming, a monitor mount for a curved monitor is more accessible and affordable than trying to find the same for a curved screen you want to be affixed to the wall. Choose yours today at PrimeCables.

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