Canada’s Best Monitors You Can Use For Work, Leisure, and Gaming

Multi-use computer monitors contribute a lot to the overall experience of everything from researching and studying to working from home or gaming. If this is your first time buying a dedicated monitor, you may have some questions.

Shopping for a monitor isn’t hard. There are monitors available at various price points, with advantages to each worth weighing. Let’s take a look at some of Canada’s best computer monitors in 2020.

21.5” Asus HD Monitor – $172.49

Just because the price is low doesn’t mean it isn’t a very high-quality model. The 21.5” Asus HD monitor is a little smaller than average in design but it comes with 1080p definition, two built-in speakers, a higher-than-average refresh rate of 76Hz, and has DVI, VGA, and HDMI connections. On this monitor, you can do anything from watching a movie to editing documents, doing spreadsheets and emails, and more.

27” ViewSonic HD Monitor – $264.49

ViewSonic is a very reliable computer monitor brand. Their 27” Viewsonic HD monitor provides excellent picture quality, and has both VGA and HDMI connection. You don’t want a monitor that’s less than 720p high-definition, which equates to 1280×720 pixels. The ViewSonic monitor is one better with 1080p high-definition, equating to 1920×1080 pixels.

27” Flat Monitor 4K – $379.49

This is perhaps the best monitor in Canada for gaming. It can be used for everything though. Featuring 4K video, you have UHD, 60Hz refresh rate, FreeSync technology integrated inside, comes in an ultra-slim aluminum frame and is mountable. There’s no better 27” flat monitor 4K anywhere at this price.

27”Curved Monitor 1080p – $356.49

This is a top-of-the-line monitor, ideal for gaming and advanced visuals. A 27” curved monitor contributes a more immersive look and is mountable should you decide to do so. Some users prefer a flat model, however, a curved monitor in this resolution is a bargain for anyone who desires to get lost in gameplay.

31.5” ViewSonic 2K Monitor – $425.49

You don’t see very many 2K monitors out there but the 31.5” ViewSonic 2K monitor is a great selection. With this monitor, there are HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort connections, the colors and details come crisp and lovely, and the pixel count is a massive 2560×1440.

32” Monoprice 4K Monitor – $735.99

A 32” monitor is excessively large for most computer users. It’s comparable to the size of a television, to put it in perspective. Regardless, gamers and movie-lovers enjoy the extra size. Monoprice’s 32” 4K monitor comes with stunning color, detail, clarity, and FreeSync technology included. These types of monitors are really only needed for photographers, videographers, or dedicated gamers. You don’t get better quality than this.

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