Switch From USB Cables to Qi-Certified Wireless Charging For Your Smartphone

The wireless charging of mobile devices is easy to do and inarguably more convenient than plugging in a USB cable to do the same.

Even though Qi-certified wireless chargers have been around for a few years, most of us still charge our smartphones via USB cables. It’s what we’re used to. That’s understandable. There might, however, come a time when wireless charging becomes the only thing available for smartphone charging. The future of mobile devices is certainly starting to resemble this.

How a wireless charger works is relatively straightforward. You set your device on top of the charging surface. Inside the surface, there is a coil that charges the smartphone’s battery. This happens through the alternating current which creates an alternating magnetic field.

The alternating magnetic field transfers a current into the receiving coil of the smartphone or mobile device. This is why a Qi-certified wireless charger only works with certain smartphones. Devices have to have the receiving coil to be able to accept the current being transferred. Otherwise, no charge is captured.

Throughout this article, you may have seen the term ‘Qi-certified’ as well. ‘Qi’ is the wireless charging protocol that has been adopted globally by the world’s largest wireless device manufacturers, including Apple, Google, Samsung, and Huawei.

Fortunately, right now, wireless chargers aren’t that expensive. PrimeCables.ca is offering a wireless charger Qi-certified for iPhones for less than $12. The premium design on this wireless charger includes LED indicators to ensure a device is properly placed, a non-slip pad, and MultiProtect technology which protects against temperature, surge protection, and short-circuiting.

When you use a standard wireless charger, you eliminate the need to be charging via USB connection. This means no longer having to untangle wire or re-purchase a USB cable when a pet’s chewed their way through it. With a wireless charger, you can set it out on a kitchen countertop or a bedside table. Place your smartphone there when you go to sleep. That’s it!

If you haven’t tried wireless charging, you’ve got to. It’s way more accommodating than USB cables. Just ensure that your smartphone is directly on top of the coil. This is key. When a device isn’t correctly placed, it won’t receive the full power charge it could if it was more centrally positioned.

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Featured photo by Marianne Krohn on Unsplash

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