What Is An MFI-Certified Lightning Cable – Your Questions Answered

On new iPhones and Apple products, a lot of them are moving to wireless charging. That is, through Qi-certified wireless chargers. Even so, when you buy a new iPhone, you still get a USB lightning cable in the box.

Lightning cables are among the fastest smartphone charging cables on the market. Like non-lightning cables, there are different types of lightning cables. The most sought-after and best lightning cable in Canada is that which is MFI-certified.

What is MFi Certification?

‘MFi’ stands for ‘Made for iPhone’. They can be used on iPods, iPads, and other select Apple products.

MFi is a program wherein producers and manufacturers submit their cables or hardware for approval from Apple. The process towards approval is in-depth but when a product like a USB lightning cable receives MFi certification, the consumer knows it’s safe to use with their device.

Can I Purchase a Non-MFi Certified USB Cable?

The whole justification for MFi certification is safety. When you go to your local corner store, purchase a knock-off USB cable made who-knows-where, and expect it to be safe, it isn’t necessarily.

Using a non-MFi certified lightning cable can damage your device. A cable like this could permanently scratch the charging ports or damage the battery. If you notice your device isn’t charging properly with a new lightning cable, it may be because it isn’t MFi-certified.

Is a Lightning Cable the Same As A USB Cable?

Lightning cables were first introduced in late 2012. The ends are an 8-pin connector and are Apple-exclusive. Lightning cables were used until late 2018 when Apple announced all new products were going to use USB-C cables instead of lightning cables.

Lightning cables are a type of USB cable, defined by the fact that they are exclusive to Apple products. The exact speed of a lightning cable varies depending on what kind of USB it is and what the device can support through its port. USB 2.0 has speeds between 25 to 35MB/s. Comparatively, USB 3.0 data transfer is much faster at 60MB/s minimum and up to 625MB/s.

Who Makes MFi-Certified Lightning Cables in Canada?

MFi certification isn’t exclusive to Apple. Manufacturers all over the world can make and sell lightning cables like this, once approved under Apple’s MFi program. In Canada, your best bet for lightning cables is PrimeCables.ca.

PrimeCables.ca has all sorts of USB cables and lightning cables that vary in length, type, and affordability. Sure, you can still go through Apple for an MFi-certified lightning cable but you’re probably going to be overpaying on that.

For a more durable USB cable, search out one with a protected design. A metal-braided MFi-certified lightning cable or Nylon-braided MFi-certified lightning cable both work. These will prevent pets from chewing through the cable and add some extra protection in case it encounters damage or is bent.

Featured photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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