4 Best Speaker Sets in Canada for Laptops And Desktops

Speakers are one thing tech-lovers and gadget makers don’t like to talk about. A lot of contemporary speakers are still larger than the average device. They come bulky and though they sound great, they also work from older technology.

Audio tech hasn’t changed a whole lot in the last couple of decades. After all, ‘sound’ can only ultimately be so clear. You can’t gain more clarity on ‘ultra-clear’. That said, there are speaker sets that serve different purposes.

This list of the best speakers in Canada for laptops and desktops gives some insight into systems that can be easily paired with your existing devices. They all feature high-quality audio but are built a little differently. The details in those changes are what make them worth inclusion.

Multimedia USB-Powered PC Speakers – $17.99

For a basic, cheap pair of speakers, this is where you look. They’re compact, plug into a USB connection, and the sound quality is certainly good enough for what you’d expect. For dorm rooms and small, tight spaces where you just want a little noise in the room, multimedia USB-powered speakers work great. Don’t expect to be throwing a DJ bash on them but they’re a reliable set.

2.1 Stereo-Powered Speaker And Subwoofer – $28.99

A 2.1 stereo-powered speaker and subwoofer set add some bass into the mix and give you a more powerful audio setup. This is a proper speaker set that connects via 3.5mm port – no USB connection needed. If you’re looking at the cheapest speakers for music on a laptop, these wooden cabinets offer a great acoustic performance and the audio comes through in strong clarity.

2.1 Bluetooth Stereo-Powered Speaker/Subwoofer – $40.24

Add some more tech into the mix. This time, it’s Bluetooth. Featuring 10-watts of power, this Bluetooth stereo-powered speaker and subwoofer set connects easily to any PC, laptop, smartphone, or Bluetooth-ready device. If you enjoy streaming music wirelessly, this option is advantageous. The sound quality is a little bit better than the previous entry on this list though comparable. Hear deep bass, minimum distortion, better control on volume and bass, and optimized treble effects.

6.5-inch High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers – $65.99

Now we are starting to get into professional levels of sound. For use in offices, apartments, households of all kinds, and music mixing, a pair of high-performance bookshelf speakers do require more support in connecting to an amplifier however they offer superior sound quality. Don’t let their small size fool you. The performance is top-notch. The rectangular design also provides a user the chance to place them easily on a tabletop, mount, shelf, or in strategic, optimized locations for sound quality.

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