4 Things Gamers Want in the Best Gaming Headset

Are you looking for a gaming headset to pair with your console – a few key features are a necessity.

Whether it’s for PS4, Xbox One, or your laptop, a gaming headset helps you immerse yourself in gameplay. If you can’t afford high-end $100-and-above headset powerhouses, don’t discourage. Even basic budget gaming headsets can achieve all the things you want.

Here are 4 things every gamer wants to see in their gaming headsets. As you’ll find, past an excellent-quality microphone and functional headphones, there’s a lot more to a gaming headset design.

1 – Over-the-Ear Design

As cheap as headphones and headsets get to be, you never want to choose a model that doesn’t have an over-the-ear design. For true immersion into gameplay and the best quality sound, over-the-ear in a closed grip is needed. You get the most powerful bass, most detailed audio, and the specifications in this type of headset often far exceeds what’s possible with earbuds.

2 – Soft-Cushioned Ear Cups

A gaming headset is going to be worn for extended periods of time. You want to be very comfortable and not having to fidget with your headset, constantly re-adjusting them. The ear cups should be soft and cushioned so that they sit comfortably around or over the ear sans agitation.

3 – Self-Adjustability

Piggybacking off our last point, a gaming headset should have some adjustability to them. If a friend comes over and you want to lend them your headset, or if you frequently adjust positions when gaming, a headset with adjustability can accommodate these changes. Most gaming headsets in 2020 have an adjustable headband which makes it easy to make these easy modifications.

4 – Built-in Volume Control

You shouldn’t have to be going into your settings and fidgeting with the volume. A gaming headset’s built-in volume control is the ultimate solution. Though there are high-end gaming headphones out there with all sorts of features, a built-in volume control is far and away needed.

Where Can I Buy Gaming Headsets in Canada

Before plugging in your headset’s 3.5mm jack into your controller, console, or computer, these basics in design should be in place for you. Optimizing the gaming experience, these things do not cost a lot. In fact, many of these points are incorporated into designs on gaming headsets under $35 and cheaper.

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