Celebrate PrimeCables.ca’s Birthday with Sales, Discounts, and Deals – It’s Here!

June 6 is a big day at our place. It’s a time to celebrate our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and everyone who has helped make PrimeCables.ca the brand that it is today. For Canadians, it’s also a great day to shop.

Birthdays for all of us only come once a year and in our view, you either do them right and celebrate or don’t even bother. There’s no in-between. For us, we’re offering deals, discounts, and sales on key product categories perfect for every Canadian household.

We know a lot of people are still stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wherever Canadians are, that’s where we’ll go. PrimeCables.ca is a Canadian brand, created by Canadians for Canadians and offering products at affordable prices we can get delivered to your front door contact-free.

We initially made our name off cables. HDMI cables for your home theater system, business Ethernet cables, USB cables for smartphones, and more. They’re inexpensive and also come in various colors, lengths, and cable types. Combine this with our collection of adapters and practically any device you have can be connected to any other device. Whatever you need, we’ve got it in our warehouse ready to ship.

A popular category at PrimeCables is also ergonomics. Height-adjustable sit-stand desks make working from home easier than ever. Speaker mounts and monitor mounts can also help you design the perfect workstation for your needs.

Our go-to category in the last few years for Canadians has been home theater enthusiasts. Searching for affordable home theater accessories, there’s a lot to find in the PrimeCables.ca catalogue.

  • Smart TV Android boxes can create a smart TV out of any monitor, any screen, or any television. You don’t need some fancy expensive flat-screen. Combine what you already have with one of our boxes.
  • Choose a speaker system that matches your needs. From high-performance bookshelf speakers to Bluetooth soundbars, it’s your audio delivery system to design. Add some speaker mounts, an amplifier, and/or over-the-ear headphones with that, and you’re set.
  • Cut the cord with an indoor or outdoor TV antenna. Pick up free over-the-air TV. Set up your antenna indoors if you want to keep things easy or install an outdoor model. Either way, wherever you are in Canada, there may be a couple channels or upwards of a couple dozen out there waiting to be caught with an antenna.

Birthdays aren’t meant to be had alone. Stop by PrimeCables.ca this June and add to your household a few essentials. Replace those cables you’ve been thinking of replacing. Upgrade your home theater or home entertainment area. Help us clear out some inventory! Enjoy a birthday on us.

Featured Photo by Solomia Bunij from Pexels

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