What is a WiFi Display Dongle – read here!

The term ‘dongle’ you may have heard before. It’s another word that tech-minded folk like to throw around that everyday consumers may not know much about. A dongle is easy to understand, fortunately, and if you don’t have one, we’ll share a few reasons why you might consider jumping on board.

What Is A Dongle?

A dongle is another word for an adapter. A dongle is an adapter that plugs into a port. They usually come small and with a plastic encasing. A dongle is essentially an extension to your computer or monitor, giving it a function it didn’t previously have.

What Is A WiFi Display Dongle?

A WiFi display dongle is a wireless display adapter. You plug it into a port on your monitor or television. Then, you can display content from a mobile device on your television through technology like Miracast.

What Is Miracast?

Miracast is a wireless display standard. Miracast uses its technology to mirror smartphone, computer, or tablet screens to a television without requiring a physical attachment. A Miracast dongle is simple to connect and most Android devices already have Miracast installed conveniently allowing you to cast with to your dongle with ease.

What Can You Cast On A WiFi Display Dongle?

WiFi display dongles are used to share photos with family, stream videos, play games on your smartphone across a bigger screen, or to use smartphone apps on a larger monitor. They’re convenient and go beyond average casting apps, providing more functionality and opportunities.

What’s The Quality Like On a Dongle?

Wireless 4K HD dongles exist. Just like you can with a 4K HDMI cable, if the specifications are installed, you can have 4K signals through a dongle. Be sure to check before buying what the quality is on a dongle. Also, the picture quality has no delay and occurs in real-time. It’s same-screen imaging with no buffering.

Does Any Software Need to be Installed On A Dongle?

When you plug in a WiFi display dongle, you don’t need to install any software on the terminal. The software is already included in the dongle. That said, not all devices have apps or casting software on them. To make it possible, some devices may require seeking out a casting application or piece of software. These can be easily found in any app store. Think of it like this – your dongle is the receiver and has everything it needs to receive, while you need the right software to send it information.

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