9 Tips on How to Find the Right TV Wall Mount For Your Home

It’s not easy choosing a TV wall mount, especially if you’ve never purchased one before. With many models to choose from – from a basic tilt to full-motion and over-the-fireplace designs – selecting the right one can be overwhelming.

Even so, a mount is a smart purchase. Adding a TV wall mount to your home theater system is smart ergonomics through and through. If you’re like so many others and don’t know where to start in finding the right TV wall mount for your space, here are some tips.

Determine Its Location

Your wall should be strong enough to hold the TV wall mount. You need a wall with studs. The weight of the screen and mount requires it. Consider the different areas where you can place your mount.

Consider Where Other Components Will Go

A flat-screen TV isn’t an island. In your home theater, there are other elements – speakers, media players, gaming consoles, and more. If you’re going to mount your TV, anything connected is going to have to have a place to reside. This may help determine the most appropriate location.

What Features Are Important to You?

Compare the list of features of each. All mounts are relatively straightforward in their design. Differences occur only in the function. That said, ensure you’re purchasing yours from a trusted brand like PrimeCables.ca.

What Viewing Angle Will Your TV Be Watched At?

If you want to mount a TV in a public space, you may want to have at least a tilt and swivel. Articulating arms also exist that can add some more functionality. Consider what the TV experience will be watching from each seat. You may want to have a configuration for when you’re just you and another when you have friends over.

Decide on the TV Wall Mount Type

Define what kind of TV wall mount you need. There are basic, cheap yet high-quality TV wall mounts which are flat. There are tilt and swivel, articulating arms, full-motion TV wall mounts, over-the-fireplace, ceiling mounts, and more.

Check Your TV’s Weight

A mount installed correctly can only carry so much weight. Ensure you aren’t purchasing a TV mount that isn’t going to be able to handle the height and weight of your flat-screen.

Check Your TV VESA Specifications

Every TV has VESA specifications which will determine what kind of mount you need. The specifications should match on both the mount and the flat-screen. No mount is one-size-fits-all.

Don’t Overspend

The best TV wall mounts aren’t very expensive at all. A basic model can be very affordable, appropriate for anyone who is new to wall mounts and who doesn’t have light glare to combat. That said, do keep in mind the more features, the higher the price tag.

Look At TV Wall Mount Reviews

Your TV wall mount has got to be durable. Look at the reviews online. See what customers are saying. If there’s a long list of complaints, you know to avoid it. If all you’re seeing are good comments, it’s likely safe to buy.

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