How Do You Choose A Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk – read here!

Chronic backaches. After sitting at a desk for days, weeks, and months, eventually they hit everyone.

The recent uptick in work-from-home Canadians due to COVID-19 has meant working in unfortunate areas of the home for some.

If you’re looking to buy a new desk or reduce those ugly backaches, consider switching to a sit-stand desk.

A height-adjustable sit-stand desk gives you the chance to maintain an ergonomic position without disturbing your work.

a black desk mount with a computer monitor, a laptop and a tablet on it
Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 35″ Wide – Black PrimeCables®

Give It A Test

Unless you’re average height and of an average build, not every desk will work. When sitting or standing at your desk, forearms should be parallel to the ground, with feet flat on the floor, elbows preferably at a 90-degree angle, and hips and knees also at a 90-degree angle.

Manual or Electric

Electric sit-stand desks cost more. Manual sit-stand desks are affordable and work inarguably equally well. If you’re interested in a sit-stand desk, consider what your preference is in manual and electric models.

Maximize Available Space

A height-adjustable desk doesn’t usually have a lot of space on it. You want to consider what you’re intending on putting on this desk and what you actually need it for. Also, if you’re using a laptop, you might be able to get away with a smaller model which can help minimize costs.

Look For Adjustability And Not Just A Standing Desk

Sometimes you’re going to want to sit and work. Other times, you can stand. You want a workstation with height-adjustability. This way, you’re constantly challenging your body and removing any stress that’s building up.

If A Full Desk is Expensive, Choose A Conversion Desk

A conversion sit-stand desk sits on top of an existing desk. It raises the keyboard and monitor to standing height and then back down. This is most often done through a spring-assisted mechanism. Conversion desks are a lot more affordable than buying a larger desk and, fortunately, they allow you to keep your existing desk.

Where Can I Shop Ergonomic Desks in Canada? offers high-quality ergonomic desks and office accessories perfect for ongoing work-from-home arrangements. See top models, manual and electric, and full models and conversion desks.

How to choose a standing desk involves considering all these elements – cost, quality, size, functionality, and space. The difference you will feel afterwards will be like night-and-day. In standing and sitting, you prioritize your comfort and productivity. Choose a model that works quickly, easily, and effectively. Change your workstation around today and visit

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