Pros And Cons of a Hi-Fi Speaker Amplifier

Re-designing your home’s sound system, you may be looking at buying an amplifier. Like with every other audio product, there are pros and cons to an amplifier and variances between brands.

Pro – Wattage Varies

Amplifiers aren’t all built equal. You have more models upwards of 200 watts of power and far more affordable tube amplifiers as little as 25 watts. In a home setting, you don’t need much wattage to create loudness.

a Hi-Fi Speaker Amplifier
Tube Amp 25W Stereo Hybrid Hi-Fi Speaker Amplifier with Bluetooth – PrimeCables®

Con – Inputs Vary

Some amplifiers are unfortunately not built for modern functionality. Older speaker amplifiers provide RCA inputs and that’s more or less it. Newer models thankfully often carry USB inputs in design. Consider this if you’re shopping an amplifier for home use.

Pro – Sound is Better

Compared to other sound systems and non-amplifier audio, a hi-fi speaker amplifier offers unparalleled quality in sound. With a wide-ranging frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz, it’s professional-grade sound that when compared with the right speakers will blow you away!

Pro – Customize Your Home Audio

Home audio sound systems are yours to design. An amplifier is just one component. It’s your starting point though. A tube amp mixed with the right speakers gives you a punchy, natural-sounding midrange, tight and deep bass, and sweet, gentle high-end. Customize according to preference.

Con – Tubes Can Damage

A tube amplifier can be easily damaged. Even with protective caging, if you drop the amplifier or if something falls on top of it, you run a good chance to ruining your tubes. They can be replaced though that comes at a cost.

Pro – Treble/Bass

For a lot of consumers, a hi-fi amplifier is their introduction to working with pro-level high-quality sound. As you might guess, we all have different preferences with how we listen to music – increasing treble or bass is a necessity in any audiophile’s sound system. The chance to use bass/treble equalization ensures you’re always listening to the sound you want.

Pro – Some Come With Bluetooth

Some amplifiers are Bluetooth-enabled. This makes it easier than ever to connect a playlist or smartphone to your sound speakers and play your music loud. If you use it a lot, a Bluetooth speaker amplifier can help cut out other products inconvenient to set up.

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