Why the Best Budget Webcam for Under $40 is Still Better Than Your Laptop’s Camera

Despite advancements in laptop and computer design, an aspect forgotten is always the camera. Most laptops – even the more impressive models – continue to come with low-quality cameras that don’t quite capture the clear 1080p video we all want.

If you use your laptop to film videos, Skype, Zoom, video call, make movies, and more, the unfortunate truth about your laptop camera is that it’s probably close to terrible. A computer webcam is your next best bet.

Searching online, you will find a lot of cams for over $50 that are average to excellent. At PrimeCables.ca, we offer a full 1080p webcam for under $40 that will do everything you need without the high price tag of similar-quality cams.

Regardless of where you buy your webcam, 1080p is the quality to aim for. Though 720p is acceptable, 1080p is the sweet spot where you really capture that clear signal you want. For professional job-related video calls, you don’t want grainy, dark, low-quality video sent to managers, business partners, clients, or your peers. An external webcam is sure to improve the experience.

They’re not difficult to use. A USB laptop webcam plugs in through the USB port and that’s it. PrimeCables.ca’s model has pan and tilt allowing you to adjust the angle of the webcam. The camera also has a privacy cover in the design, a microphone, and support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android systems. The video image format you capture is full 1080p 1920×1080 in YUV/MJPG/H.264.

There are other budget webcams in Canada, of course, but none at this price. You can set up your smartphone, if you can, to be your webcam although this is difficult, inconvenient, and inconsistent. If you already have DSLR gear to work with, you can probably rig it up to be your webcam. Once again, it’s not the easiest thing to do, is inconvenient, and isn’t pretty to look at.

Don’t expect laptop cameras to get any better. Laptop designs continue to get thinner. Manufacturers have limited space to put in hardware and other priorities have taken over, including graphics cards, processors, and storage. Most laptop makers use 720p webcams designed to be as small as possible. This doesn’t equate to the best quality hence why we recommend picking up a webcam replacement.

Shop your next 1080p webcam at PrimeCables.ca. Plugging it in, you will immediately see the difference it makes in picture quality. There’s no reason to settle for less than 1080p. If you’re suddenly working from home and/or you need a better webcam, shop it with PrimeCables.ca.

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