Top 4 Long-Range Indoor HDTV Antennas in 2020 to Watch Free TV With

Every day, free TV signals surround us. It’s in the air. All you need is an antenna to capture it, converting the waves into a visual.

A high-definition 1080p HDTV antenna is worth the buy. Even in these times of live streaming, locally-sourced programming is still tough to find in many areas. For your local news, you won’t see any of it broadcast over Netflix.

Normally, you’d have to pay for a cable subscription to have your local channels. Not with an HDTV antenna. You not only get local news and sports but so much more. Receive up to 20-25 channels through over-the-air TV including stations like NBC, CBC, ABC, FOX, PBS, and more.

With any free TV antenna, you want the longest range possible. You want to capture as many channels as are available to you in your area. Here are the best HDTV antennas designed to accomplish just that.

Super Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna – $6.99

The cheapest indoor HDTV antenna in Canada is the super-thin indoor HDTV antenna for $6.99. Unfortunately, you do sacrifice somewhat in range with this one. That said, you still receive FM/VHF/UHF signal and it does come in high-definition. If you live in the inner city or near a broadcast tower, you may not need more than this.

Digiwave BMX Super Flat TV Antenna – $18.39

The Digiwave BMX super-flat HDTV antenna is a great digital antenna for indoor use. The characteristic Digiwave design is razor-thin, slim, and compact. It’s easy to fit anywhere in the home. You may want to experiment with the direction. The installation is easy with no tools or assembly required.

Monoprice Active Curved HDTV Antenna – $45.99

Monoprice is a very reliable name when it comes to electronics and this product is no different. Have an Active Curved HDTV Antenna with a 60-mile range. Receive full HD digital UHF signals with a built-in wideband amplifier that optimizes performance. Like a few of the other HDTV antennas on this list, enjoy multidirectional reception with the Monoprice-branded model as well.

Amplified Digital Indoor Antenna – $68.99

Another Digiwave design, this antenna features SMD circuit tech, is shielded for minimal interference, has an external high-gain and low-noise amplifier, and captures every available digital, freeview, and analog TV signal out there. This is a great choice for maximum reach. Boost your HDTV antenna capabilities with an effective reception distance of 100 kilometres on the amplified digital HDTV indoor antenna.

Search out premium-made, affordable HDTV antennas in Canada today at Finally, you can say no to paying $100s every year on cable TV. Say bye-bye to those bills! Shop right now for the right indoor HDTV antenna for you.

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