Benefits of Buying A Projector Over A Flat-Screen TV

Home theater is all about flat-screen TVs. Look to any vendor or retailer in home theater and entertainment systems, and they constantly hype the latest and greatest in 4K screens and all that.

The versatility of a projector and the advantages of buying a projector for a home theater alternative to a flat-screen are clear. The value is there in a big way, exceeding what many traditional TV screens can offer.

Screen Size

Flat-screens only have one screen size. Projectors have multiples. You can configure and adjust, depending on how many people are in the room and where you’re sitting. You can create a massive 40-inch or bigger screen or bring it down to something much, much smaller.

Any Surface Works

A home theater projector doesn’t need a projector screen to work. You can make it work with a bed sheet or even a white wall. All the tech is embedded in the projector hardware so a user simply has to aim it and let it do its’ thing.

A More Theatrical Atmosphere

Seeing something on a projector screen is like being at a movie theater. It really does create a more immersive entertainment experience and can be a unique point to make when inviting friends over to watch something.

More Eye Comfort

A high-quality projector in Canada actually is easier on the eyes than a flat-screen. Projectors deliver images based off reflective light as opposed to emitted light. The result is less eye strain watching a projector. You can watch for longer periods of time and not have to put your eyes through so much.

Cost-Per-Inch is Much Lower

Some projectors at the right distance can create 120-inch, 150-inch, and even 200-inch screens. Comparatively, to have a flat-screen do the same would be incredibly expensive. Even in contrasting the cost of a medium-to-large size average consumer flat-screen to a projector, you’re always going to find the projector to be way, way cheaper.

Compact And Portable

An underrated benefit of projectors is their compactness. They can be stored away when not in use. They can be taken to a friend’s place if you’re looking to have a big watch-along somewhere other than your home. The smallness of a projector also helps to maximize space, something which can be key in smaller rooms or condos where every inch matters.

A projector makes for a powerful way to enjoy your favourite series, films, sports, concerts, and more. They easily make for the most cinematic viewing available to any home theater. Find portable projectors, 4K projectors, and home theater projectors in Canada on sale from

Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

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