Trendy Bluetooth Accessories for Home, Work, And Traveling

Bluetooth is everywhere these days. It’s in our phones, fitness trackers, smartwatches, and more.

Bluetooth is also impressively playing a role in Canada’s ongoing effort to do contract tracing managing the spread of COVID-19.

On a less serious note, here are some Bluetooth accessories that are sure to inspire and impress. Though admittedly a little on the basic side, if you love Bluetooth audio and listening to music or podcasts, try these products on for size.

Retro Bluetooth Radio

A walnut vintage red FM-style radio never looked so good. Fashioned like the days of old, this portable retro Bluetooth radio can be used for listening to music or the radio. This is perfect for late-night study sessions or hanging out with friends. It’s also a decent upgrade from a tiny smartphone speaker.

True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Cheap Bluetooth earbuds with the wire between them are available and they’re pretty ok. For true wireless Bluetooth earbuds though, you’ve got to spend a little more. What you get in return though is the best quality sound Bluetooth can buy. Listen to music or podcasts while you work out, travel for work, or around the house. You won’t ever have to worry about a wire getting caught on something again.

Bluetooth Home Theater Speakers

The Bluetooth home theater category is very broad. Though many types of speakers exist, the popular options that most homeowners prefer is there a desktop-style Bluetooth multimedia speaker and subwoofer set which is great for computers or small home theater setups.

Bluetooth Soundbars

The alternative to a full set of speakers – which is great if you want to save space – is a wireless Bluetooth soundbar and subwoofer. Both are great options for anyone who enjoys home entertainment a la Netflix, movies, binging, etc.

Selfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control

Sometimes, it can be hard getting the perfect selfie or the perfect image from your smartphone camera. A Bluetooth wireless remote control gives you the chance to take a photo without a touchscreen. Just press the button with your thumb. Set up the camera, wait for the right pose, and take. It’s that easy. It all works through Bluetooth.

1MM Extra Thin Silicone Bluetooth Earbuds Case

As expensive as they can be, you don’t want to have to replace your Bluetooth earbuds from damage. For the best scratch and fall protection, get 360-degree protection with this extra thin Bluetooth earbuds case.

Enjoy your smartphone in a whole new way. If you’re not tapping into Bluetooth yet, see what works. There’s something in it for everybody. Find discounts on Bluetooth accessories in Canada today from

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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