Car Accessories to Make Your Drive to Work and Errands A Little More Fun

A vehicle used to be a far more common product than it is today. Every family and household had one.

Unfortunately, due to rising living costs and environmental standards, among other reasons, the majority of people don’t own a vehicle.

The fortunate who do, however, have the luxury of running errands, going to work, and taking road trips any time they want.

If you’re in the latter, there are a few car accessories we think are worth a buy. To anyone with a license actually, there’s probably at least a few products on this list that merit consideration. Spending time in a car just got a little more fun.


A dashcam is used to record the action in and around your vehicle. A great product for this is Cansonic’s Camcoder CDV280. Capture 720p HD video in a wide-angle lens with 270-degree rotation, an anti-shake design, and support for external GPS logging.

Cansonic Camcoder CDV280

USB Car Charger

New cars have built-in USB ports. Older vehicles do not. This doesn’t mean you can’t charge a smartphone or mobile device though. A USB car charger plugs into your dashboard and allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Bluetooth Transmitter for Car

A Bluetooth transmitter for a car upgrades your vehicle to give you the chance to transmit Bluetooth signals to your speakers. Simply tune the transmitter to an FM radio signal of your choosing and then connect the Bluetooth to your smartphone. Anything you play comes out of your speakers.

Smartphone Car Mount

Drive safely. Do so with a smartphone car mount. Position your phone at eye level and make it easy on yourself if you need to answer a call, skip a song in your playlist, or follow your journey on Google Maps.

Portable Car Jump Starter

In an emergency situation where your car battery dies, you don’t always have another vehicle there to connect booster cables to and get you on your way. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait. Equip yourself for the ‘worst-case scenario’ with a 10,000mAh portable car jump starter. Use it to connect to your battery and jump-start it in an emergency or, alternatively, use it as a phone charger.

Portable Tire Inflator And Air Compressor

If you need a boost to a flat tire while out on the road, take out your portable tire inflator and instantly, you’re good to go. Again, you have to prepare for the worst. If you’re ready, should anything go down, you know exactly what to do.

Car accessories like these are both fun and practical. Get them today from Make your drives that much more entertaining to you and your passengers, and include some safety picks in there as well. Check out these products and more at today.

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