Is Your Phone Charging Slow – Switch to A Fast-Charging USB Cable Today

A slow-charging phone. Yuck. Nobody wants that. Even some new USB cables can seem to charge endlessly with no way they’re going to ever allow your smartphone to reach 100%. Unfortunately, we’ve all had this experience. It’s no fun.

There are fast-charging USB cables out there. They aren’t the ones that come in the box with any smartphone. You do have to look for them. That said, once you have one, you’ll be so happy when it comes time to charge your smartphone.

If you don’t know what to look for in a USB cable, let us share a few details of how we at evaluate them.

USB Type-C Standard

There are a lot of different types of USB cables available – USB 2.0, USB 3.0, etc. What you’re searching for is a cable labelled as USB Type-C or simply ‘USB-C’.

There are a lot of characteristics of USB Type-C cables, such as reversible connectors. What’s central to the USB-C standard is that it is fast charging. Upgrading from regular USB to USB-C is a big jump in speed.

USB-C Adapter

USB Type-C is used to charge large devices like laptops and tablets. USB-C can deliver up to 100 watts of power at 20 volts. It not only charges the device it is plugged into but its power also optimizes data transfer. You can exchange files, music, video, and pictures quicker than ever.

Is A Thicker USB Cable Faster?

They may thick USB cables although a lot of the demand is for thin, lightweight cables.

Thickness and weight don’t equate to quality of the USB cable. If you have pets or are concerned about thickness though, a Nylon-braided USB cable is the best quality you can buy. It won’t impact the speed of the cable but it will protect the components inside.

It’s also worth noting that any braided USB cable is a decent sign that it’s a good quality cable. There are some cheap makers of USB cables out in the world and they’re focused on low-cost cables. Braiding a cable isn’t cheap.

Buy From A Trusted Source

Even if a cable says ‘fast-charging’, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is. There are knock-offs on the market. Always buy from an established brand.

Assuming you’re buying from a source you know, if it says ‘fast-charging’, you can rely on it being true. is the top USB cable store in Canada. If you’re charging at a slow speed, get a better deal. USB Type-C cables, metal-braided USB cables, Nylon-braided cables, and more can be found on sale today in our store. Get your fast-charging USB connection right now!

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