What You Need to Start A YouTube Vlog

Do you want to start a YouTube channel – it’s easier than ever to do so.

Look at your favourite YouTubers. Chances are, they’re probably using $1,000s in video equipment. And it’s true. At a certain point, investing $1,000s might be worth it. To start though, getting set up is so simple.

Here is how to start a YouTube channel. This is the equipment you need, whether you’re a musician, beauty vlogger, or political commentator.


Your most expensive asset – and rightfully so – is your video camera.

Once again, there are cameras out there worth $1,000s. They work extremely well. Do you need that expense to see success on YouTube though – absolutely not.

A 1080p HD video webcam that’s USB plug-and-play costs less than $35 and captures high-definition video. It’s all you need. Ensure it’s focused and capturing the right angle, and that’s everything you need in a YouTube camera.

Ring Light

A ring light is the most common form of lighting for YouTubers and vloggers.

Ring lights are catchlights that resonate in the eyes and eliminates shadows on the face. Chances are, you’ve seen them used before though may not have known it.

A high-quality light creates an attractive visual. Lighting of some kind is needed when shooting video, from YouTube to Hollywood films. They all use lights. Why a YouTube ring light works is because the light produced is soft and direct. A subject is evenly lit from all directions.

Desktop Selfie 10”

Adjustable Tripod

You need some place to set your camera and lighting. Without a tripod, it’s going to be a compromise.

An adjustable tripod stand gives you some place to put your equipment and direct it as it’s needed. In terms of taking selfies, doing makeup videos, live streaming, doing live music performance videos, and similar things, an adjustable tripod makes it so much easier. It’s also thankfully not that expensive.


Lastly, there’s your microphone. Once you have your video and lighting set, a professional condenser microphone for YouTube is what you want to look for.

A condenser is great for capturing high-quality audio and is a far better microphone than what your smartphone or laptop can offer.

An additional accessory you may want to pick up for your microphone is a professional-grade recording microphone stand and pop filter. This can be attached to the edge of your desk. Identical to what an adjustable tripod does for lighting and video, a microphone arm like this allows you to target the audio capture in the same way.

Anyone can have a YouTube channel. If you’re thinking about shooting a YouTube video, nothing’s stopping you. Pick up all these YouTube essentials at PrimeCables.ca.

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