Canada-Only Black Friday Deals on Gaming Monitors to Tag With Your Console

There are some gorgeous and stunning gaming monitors on sale for Black Friday this year. is offering a Canada-only Black Friday sale on HD gaming monitors and accessories.

Cut down on costs and shop everything from ultra-wide monitors to curved gaming monitors, mounts, speakers, and the usual gamut of gaming accessories.

4K Flat Gaming Monitor

If you’re looking at picture quality and size over total gaming experience, a 4K flat monitor provides everything you need to bring your gaming to a whole new level.

24 inch 1080p 75Hz Computer Monitor

Don’t be distracted by low-quality graphics. Enjoy 4K image quality, UHD, 60Hz refresh rate, and an ultra slim aluminum design perfect for mounting.

Team this gaming monitor on Black Friday deal with your favourite desk mount and you can revolutionize your whole gaming station!

1080p Curved Gaming Monitor

If you’ve ever played your favourite console on a curved gaming monitor, you know curved screens are where gameplay thrives.

More immersive than going flat, you get HD picture quality with all the usual specs you need to game.

Unless you’ve gone the opposite way and have chosen size over quality, a curved monitor is worth the buy this Black Friday.

Gaming Accessories on Black Friday Deal

  • Celebrate this Black Friday by becoming a Twitch streamer. A 1080p USB webcam with microphone is a great gift to yourself, upgrading from whatever you may have going on a laptop or desktop already.
  • Wipe down your screens safely with iCloth XL cleaning wipes, a type of alcohol-based wipe that is safe for laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Don’t worry about accidentally scratching your screen.
  • Light-up your gaming station with an LED gaming mouse pad and LED gaming keyboard. Any pro gamer knows playing in the dark is much more fun when you can see your keyboard.
  • A 3D foot motion controller adds a whole new dynamic to your gaming experience. Immerse yourself even more into the game by feeling it in your toes! Though not an essential, it’ll be hard to put it away once you get used to it. Such a tempting grab for a lot of gamers.

Black Friday comes once a year. You don’t need to be a member or be registered to shop at Pick up all these deals and more this November 27, 2020. We all know how expensive gamer-friendly products can be. This month’s the time to pick up what you’ll be employing day-to-day for the next six months. Drop by today to shop gaming monitor Black Friday deals and more.

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