HDMI Extenders And How They Work

HDMI cables are a revolutionary way to transfer video and audio over short and extended distances.

The standard has blown away all others, simplifying home theater connections and eliminating any need for another cable. The drawback is that HDMI begins to lose signal strength quickly in distance.

The more distance you need an HDMI to travel over, the less output, the more interference, and the less support a signal has from the technical specifications inside your HDMI cable. In this situation, an HDMI signal extender is what you need.

What Does An HDMI Extender Do?

An HDMI extender provides a way to elongate an HDMI signal without it impacting the video/audio quality.

This makes it possible to do any number of things. For example, if you have a single cable connection and you get all your channels on a single flat-screen, to watch this on another television in another room would not normally be possible without a second cable TV receiver.

An HDMI extender, however, can send a signal out from a cable TV receiver and split it into a number of screens throughout your home.

So in a sense, you can connect multiple TVs to one signal. You can use multiple devices connected through HDMI on one signal.

There’s no picking up and physically moving your cable TV receiver, no need for a second receiver, and no need to be constantly plugging and unplugging devices to feed a signal in. Everything’s done through HDMI adapters like the extender.

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What Type of HDMI Extender Do I Need?

There are many types of HDMI adapters and extenders, the most popular of which being with Ethernet.

An HDMI extender using Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable takes an HDMI signal and passes it via Ethernet to a box that then outputs the signal via HDMI cable into another screen. This offers excellent quality video and audio quality with no degradation.

You still get 1080p high-definition quality across extended distances using an extender

Every HDMI extender can be a little different. Some only carry a signal so far. That said, the common extenders tend to carry for up to 30 meters and beyond. This is more than enough to work an HDMI signal from room-to-room, from the main floor to a basement, or even up to a household’s second floor.

There isn’t any setup required with a high-quality HDMI extender as it’s just a piece of hardware.

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