Best USB Hubs of 2021 For Your Laptop

Laptops are more compact than ever. Some only have a single USB port. Plugging in devices, smartphones, monitors, and hard drives can be tough fitting it all to one port.

A USB hub can provide access to more ports and without switching out your laptop. Using a multi-port USB adapter – whether it’s only three or four extra ports or 7, 8, or more – you get fast sync and data transfer in a simple plug-and-play design.

This expert-recommended list showcases some of the best USB hubs of 2021.

4-Port USB 3.0 High-Speed Hub

A 4-port USB 3.0 high-speed hub offers a fast connection. For just over $10, you’re set up with 4 additional USB ports.

Few people will need more than 4 extra USB ports. Though small, this is unquestionably the most convenient USB hub for many consumers.

4-Port USB 3.0 High Speed Portable Hub, Black – PrimeCables®

4-Port Monoprice USB 2.0 Passive Hub

The 4-port Monoprice USB hub works for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. The T-design is different from the prior hub which offers ports listed in a single line.

No matter how small or thin your computer’s gotten, you don’t have to restrict yourself to their port selection.

4-port TPLink USB 3.0 Portable Hub

A 4-port TPLink USB hub comes in a portable flat square design. The USB connection is the excessively fast 3.0 standard.

If you aren’t stationary at home and bring your laptop to various places to work-from-home or for other purposes, a more portable USB hub may be more advantageous.

7-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Independent Switches

Anyone who requires more than 4 ports, the next step up is 7. A 7-port USB hub with individual power
switches helps to reduce power while maintaining a fast USB 3.0 connection.’s USB hubs are on par with much more expensive brands, including Anker and Aukey.
Receive high-quality connections at a lesser cost.

7-Port USB 3.0 HUB with Individual Switch Power Adapter Plug – Black – PrimeCables®

13-Port USB 2.0 Hub with DC Power Adapter

Let’s say you need even more than 7 hubs. At that point, a basic multi-port USB hub won’t be enough.

You’ve got to call in the big guns. Go to the 13-port USB 2.0 hub and connect over a dozen additional USB connections through a single port without any impact on speed or reliability of connection.

USB Smart Charging Station

A USB smart charging station is a little different than a hub. A hub connects to your laptop, expanding the number of USB ports available to you.

A USB smart charging station charges devices. This 10-port, 72W smart charging station charges ten devices at a time and is an accessory many multi-person households can use. That said, this isn’t a hub and can’t be used as such.

72W 10-Ports USB Smart Charging Stand Station – PrimeCables®

The best setup around your laptop provides enough USB ports to connect every device you need. Connect your peripherals through a high-quality USB hub in Canada from

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