What is 4K And Is It Worth the Buy – Read Here!

A large 55” 4K TV. Wow. That’s a pretty good size for a home theater or home entertainment space.

Look at the price tag though. Compared to a 1080p or 720p TV, a 4K TV is typically a lot more expensive.

Is the cost of 4K worth it – many will say yes. ‘4K’ is a keyword. It identifies a high quality in both image and flat-screen type. That said, most won’t be able to tell you what 4K means. If you are looking to buy a 4K TV, let’s take a look at what 4K is first.

What is 4K?

4K means 4K resolution. Whether it’s a 720p TV, 1080p TV, or 4K TV, this type of technology uses pixels. A 720p uses less pixels than a 1080p flat-screen. A 1080p TV has fewer pixels than a 4K television. The more pixels, the more detailed the picture quality.

How Does Screen Size Affect Pixels?

The larger the screen, the more needed those pixels are. Big-screen 4K TVs have a much better quality than similarly sized TVs with only as many pixels as a 720p or 1080p flat-screen offers. Your screen size greatly impacts the decision on what the right TV to buy is.

How Many Pixels Does 4K Have?

A 4K TV uses 3,840 horizontal pixels and 2,160 vertical pixels. That’s a total of roughly 8.3 million pixels. The image quality is exquisitely clear on a 4K TV. The exact 4K pixel specification is usually written as 3840 x 2160.

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What Does the ‘K’ in 4K Mean?

The ‘K’ in 4K stands for ‘kilo’. Kilo means 1,000. 4K is used to signify a TV has a 4,000-pixel horizontal resolution.

How Much Better is 4K Compared to 1080p?

A 4K flat-screen TV has four times the amount of pixels as a 1080p television. 1080p is ‘Full HD’, comprising of 1,920 horizontal pixels and 1,080 vertical pixels.

Analyzing the performance of a smaller screen, 4K and 1080p may look relatively similar to consumers. A large screen is where a difference in quality is noted. 1080p on a 55” TV isn’t anywhere near as detailed or clear as a 4K TV of the same size.

Is 4K the Best TV Quality Available?

There’s a lot of hype building around 8K screens. Just like 4K a decade ago though, there is no content available in 8K which renders the high cost of an 8K TV more or less useless. There’s so much 4K content available, in comparison. There is now a 4K standard in streaming, live TV broadcasting, movies, TV series, and more.

4K is the best TV in Canada for someone who wants to enjoy their media on a large screen. PrimeCables.ca offers 4K TVs down through to 720p TVs. Visit us today to check out discounts and deals on 4K and more.

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