What Type of USB Connector Do I Have? – See List Here

Are you looking to buy a USB cable for yourself or someone else – it’s important to know what connector you have first. In fact, there are over a dozen possible USB cables to choose from ranging from older smartphone cables to modern USB-C.

USB Letters, USB Numbers

The numbers that relate to USB refers to the data sync and transfer technology inside the cable. Comparatively, the letter indicates the USB connector or port required, i.e. Type-C, Type-B, or otherwise.

USB Type-A

USB Type-A is on almost every USB cable made today. It is the most commonly used USB port. Considering this, how we define a USB cable is through the other end. It is the other end that’s most distinguishable, such as a USB-A to USB-C cable.

USB Type-A mini

USB Type-A mini is most often used to assign smartphones and tablets the role of host for connected keyboards and mice. It is rarely used, now that Type-B mini and Type-B micro have superseded it.

USB Type-B

USB Type-B has a design reminiscent of a rectangular with a pitched roof. It is used on larger devices, i.e. computers, scanners, and printers. USB-B cables are also used on some external storage devices.

USB Type-B mini

A USB Type-B mini is a smaller version of USB-B. It is most often seen on digital cameras, external hard drives, USB hubs, and similar equipment. USB Type-B mini is usually combined with USB 2.0 technology.

USB Type-B micro

The USB Type-B micro is used by Android smartphones and tablets, and is the standard USB charging port for these devices.

USB Type-C

USB Type-C cables are considered future-proof and was a standard first released in 2014. A symmetrical oblong shape is how the USB-C connector is described. It is used today on most modern laptops, gaming consoles, and for data transfer devices.

USB Lightning Cable

An Apple-certified lightning cable is a type of USB cable that corresponds specifically to the iPhone’s port.
They do not resemble that of any non-Apple device and is uniquely crafted. An Android-comparable cable
would be the micro-USB.

5971a lightning apple charger cables lightning apple charger cables

USB Adapters

If you do not have the right USB cable for your device, PrimeCables.ca has dozens of USB adapters. These can be used to convert USB connectors to various standards. There are also cables with 3-in-1 connectors that work as more than one specific type. These can be exceptionally handy if you have multiple devices you want to keep going with a single USB cable.

Take a close look at your USB cable. Note both connectors. Once you get the hang of it, deciphering what USB connector you have quickly becomes easy. Visit PrimeCables.ca to pick up the chosen USB cable for your device.

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