Do I Need A Subwoofer? – Read Here!

A subwoofer is something audiophiles highly value. They claim subwoofers deliver a ton of rumbling bass frequencies that change the way they hear sound on a home theater system.

Subwoofers, for the average consumer, aren’t necessarily their first choice in flat-screen sound systems though.

Can Speakers Produce Bass Frequencies?

A regular speaker cannot produce the low frequencies a high-quality subwoofer can. To fully produce low frequencies that a subwoofer can, a speaker needs a minimum 8” in diameter. Ideally, the speaker drive will be even larger.

Regardless of whether you have in-wall speakers, bookshelf speakers, and a pair of stereo speakers, you won’t ever get a certain range of bass frequencies without the use of a set’s subwoofer.

Do You Need A Subwoofer for Music?

A subwoofer is highly recommended for music because music relies on those bass frequencies often.

If you enjoy concerts or listening to music on your speaker set, a subwoofer is definitely recommended. R&B, dance music, and similar bass-heavy music requires a subwoofer to get through all those frequencies that won’t otherwise be heard.

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Do You Need A Subwoofer for TV And Films?

A subwoofer for TV and films is necessary when there are large-scale action movies with loud explosions or similar special effects that rely on sound.

That said, if you’re watching comedies or things that aren’t really driven by sound in the same manner, is a subwoofer necessary – not entirely, though a subwoofer is nice to have.

You’re lacking a part of the frequency spectrum without a subwoofer but, in some cases, this won’t be a bother.

What’s the Right Subwoofer For My Home Theater?

A speaker and subwoofer set is best if you’re considering using a subwoofer. You don’t want a speaker system and a subwoofer to be two separate purchases. You want a unified set. Compatibility is guaranteed and there’s no confusion in wires, adapters, or frequency spectrum issues.

Can You Get A Bluetooth Subwoofer?

Bluetooth has come a long way. A Bluetooth speaker and subwoofer set for PCs, smartphones, portable 3.5mm devices, and desktops is one of the more adaptable audio systems for the general consumer.

Connect via Bluetooth and play anything on your speaker and subwoofer set. A 2.1 speaker system with a built-in amplifier features 10 watts of power, a 4” woofer, and a specially designed woofer cabinet with a bass reflect port for deeper bass.

Immerse yourself in the full frequency range, stretching from the lowest of bass frequencies to highs at the top of the range. Shop your speaker systems, Bluetooth speakers, and audio devices at today.

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