How Does A Cordless Tire Inflator Work – See here

A portable air compressor and tire inflator from has received a lot of attention online as of late.

When you have tires low on air, pull off to the side of the road or in a nearby parking lot. Your portable tire inflator will be ready to fill it and get you back on the road in no time. Cordless, portable, durable, and effective, this is a key tool to have with you on the road.

How does a cordless tire inflator work – excellent question. Here’s how.

Why We Use Tire Inflators

Car tires need to be inflated now and again. A tire inflator or tire air compressor is your best bet when this happens.

A portable tire inflator is charged like any other device. It then uses the electric energy in the battery to convert the electricity into energy and pressurized air. They are used frequently on automobile tires, sports balls, beach toys, and more. It’s a very diverse tool.

Anatomy of A Tire Inflator

An electric motor drives a crankshaft. This force makes the piston work. The piston compresses air. Some air compressors come with an air tank which will hold air within a defined pressure range.

There is also an LED screen with a digital gauge to tell you the pressure level of the gas. This is important as you don’t want to overfill your tire or underfill.

PSI means ‘pressure per square inch’ and is a number given to how much you want to inflate a tire.

Portable Air Compressor Pump Cordless Tire Inflator with Digital Display & LED Light – PrimeCables®

How An Air Compressor Works

An air compressor uses a reciprocating piston. Air flows into a compressor and is the piston compresses it. A vacuum above the piston is created which allows more air from outside to flow inward.

As air pressure inside a tank increases, eventually it will cut off the vacuum and close up the outside air coming in.

A portable tire pump and air compressor is very light, at only six pounds or less. They’re great for anyone with limited space in their trunks or garages. You charge it beforehand. The air keeps inside indefinitely. The small size of a portable inflator does have its limits. Do not expect to be inflating a ton of tires on any given day. That said, it will help get you out of a jam and keep a vehicle on the road.

Compressed air in this way has so many uses. No longer do you need to go down to the gas station to fill up your tires or check in with the mechanic. Simplify the workload. Find a cordless tire inflator that is portable, rechargeable, and with fast, free shipping in Canada courtesy of

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