How to Clear Off Space With A Desktop Computer in Your Home Office

A desktop computer is big and powerful but it also poses a problem with how much space the tower requires.

With a normal desk, you have two options. The first, put the desktop CPU on top of the desk. Alternatively, put it on the floor. Both aren’t ideal. A computer on top of the desk is in the way, permanently an eyesore. A computer on the floor can get knocked over, is at high risk for beverage spills, and doesn’t look pretty.

Here’s how to get rid of clutter in your home office. An adjustable under-desk mount is all you need.

Benefits of An Under-Desk Mount for Computers

Put your CPU somewhere safe. It will be held in place securely and can be easily reached whenever you need to reboot it. It’s not at risk of getting knocked off your desk and won’t be in the way anymore. It’s the ideal location for a desktop like this.

Optimize the location of your under-desk CPU mount. There are no hard and fast rules in where you put your mount.

Wherever it fits and feels natural works best for you. The height of an under-desk mount is also adjustable, further enhancing ease-of-use.

Save space from the top of your desk. Use that space to put paperwork, décor, charge your smartphone, and more. Just like a monitor mount, an under-desk computer mount is about removing what doesn’t need to be there and opening up the space.

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Where to Buy An Adjustable CPU Mount in Canada

The adjustable under-desk mount for computers from is one of the highest-rated in its category.

Heavy-duty and adjustable in size, it can hold almost any general CPU you put in front of it. Complete with a 360-degree swivel function, you can also push it out of the way when you need to.

Always have your CPU accessible but not directly in the way. It doesn’t take up any floor space nor desktop space. You also have easy access to the cables and ports on the back, an area difficult to reach at times when a desktop computer is on the floor. We know how busy and disorganized some desktops can get. An adjustable under-desk mount optimizes CPU positioning to make things a whole lot easier.

Find ergonomic mounts and other desk accessories from From under any desk or work surface, mount your PC. Holds up to 22 pounds in a CPU computer tower, adjustable to almost any size. Screws securely to your under-desk tabletop, with side and bottom brackets holding your CPU in place at all times.

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