What Are the Best Monitor Mounts in 2021?

The last few years have brought with it a lot of upgrades in monitor mounts and work-from-home ergonomic desk design. If you’re looking at a cool way to mount your monitor and have an exciting aesthetic to sit down in front of come work time, check out any of these uniquely awesome monitor mounts.

Single Monitor Mount

This single monitor desk mount gets our vote for coolness because of the discounted price. You won’t beat it anywhere.

Single Monitor Desk Mount & Adapter

A limitation on mounts is that you must have the right VESA specifications on the monitor. A workaround is an adapter. This single monitor desk mount adapter has a remarkable design with adjustable VESA markings.

Full-Motion Dual Monitor Mount

This is arguably the best and definitely the cheapest way to mount two monitors at your desk. A full-motion dual monitor desk mount is for screens sized 13” to 27” and has swivel, tilt, and 360-degree rotation.

Dual Screen Gas Spring Desk Mount

This two-screen gas spring mount has full rotation 360-degrees, with a tilt up-and-down, and rotation. It’s another way to showcase two monitors, with each arm having a weight capacity of up to 19 lbs. and VESAs of 75×75 and 100×100.

27 Lbs. Dual Monitor Desk Mount

This C-lamp dual monitor desk mount is even more heavy-duty than the one prior. With the capacity to take on up to 26.4 pounds, get the height adjustability you want with a tilt and full-motion swivel.

Triple Monitor Articulating Gas Spring Mount

A triple monitor mount powered by a gas spring design isn’t for everyone. If you are in love with the idea of multiple monitors though a dual mount isn’t cutting it, this is a dynamic mount built to impress.

3-Way Adjustable Desk Mount Bracket

From Monoprice, this 3-way adjustable tilting desk mount looks impressive and has a max weight of 33 lbs. Although Monoprice can be a brand that’s a little more costly, when you see its ergonomic product selection for desks and work-from-home offices, you may think them to be perfectly reasonable.

Adjustable Gas Spring Desk Mount With USB Ports

Try this gas spring USB monitor mount. The double USB ports make it easy to connect devices. Its design has a nice swivel and tilt to it as well. Made from aircraft aluminum, this is a premium computer monitor mount.

Monitor mounts don’t often get cool upgrades. They’re fairly simple and effective as they are, truth be told. We’re so happy with this selection though. Catch all sorts of cool monitor mounts and other ergonomic accessories at PrimeCables.ca today.

The Best Monitors For A Home Office

For anyone serious about having a strong, solid work-from-home setup, they understand the importance of computer monitors. What monitor you use definitely has an impact on how enjoyable your experience is.

Like an office ergonomic desk or the type of office chair you choose, your monitor matters. PrimeCables.ca is a go-to source for office essentials and accessories that Canadians have explored throughout the pandemic, delivering only the best in monitors and ergonomic office design.

Here are the best computer monitors in 2021 for your work-from-home office.

27” 4K 60 Hz Monitor

The 27” 4K monitor is fairly high-tech. It’s optimized for gaming and is great for any sort of image editing, video editing, and graphic design. If your work isn’t very graphic-intensive, you can certainly find a cheaper priced monitor on this list than this one.

27” 1080P 144 Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

Though the 27” 1080p curved monitor is more tailored towards gamers than home office setups, some home office folks will certainly appreciate the curved design and speedy tech. For a computer monitor that’s multi-purpose and curved, this is a great choice.

ViewSonic 1080P Monitor

A ViewSonic 1080p monitor is a fine upgrade for a lot of people who may still be stuck with something 720p. If your current setup isn’t up to par and you want a faster monitor with more colorful graphics, enjoy lightning-fast picture clarity with anything from ViewSonic in the 1080p range.

Monoprice 15” Touchscreen

Though smaller in size, the Monoprice 15” touchscreen is a great accessory to any office setup where multiple monitors are needed. If you enjoy having several screens or are required to, a touchscreen is an addition hard to pass up.

Monoprice 27” 4k Monitor

The Monoprice 27” 4K monitor is designed for people who are looking for something high-end. Monitors that are 4K at this size provide a lot of power and speed which isn’t wholly necessary when dealing with day-to-day routine office work. It makes this list, however, because when it comes to high-end monitors, Monoprice is a fine introduction.

CrystalPro 28” 4K 60 Hz Monitor

The CrystalPro 28” 4K monitor is a high-end monitor with a lot of advantages. For the person who wants more than average, the CrystalPro 4K monitor soars above other models and delivers a performance that you can rely on.

24” 1080P 75 Hz Monitor

Enjoy a 1080p 24” monitor with advanced image tech, modern-minimalist design, and a comfortable ergonomic setup that’s sure to please anyone with a home office. This is arguably the best monitor in Canada and is currently offered at a very fair discount this summer-only.

Shop these computer monitors and others for your work-from-home setup and home office. PrimeCables.ca has exclusive deals and discounts all summer long on the best monitors in Canada. Visit us today.

Benefits Of A Smart Outlet For A Home Office

It’s all about focus and productivity in a home office. You don’t want any distractions or technology taking you away from your work.

A smart outlet in a home office has multiple uses, facilitating an easier experience without distraction. If you work from home and are looking at ways to upgrade your work-from-home setup, try a smart plug on for size. Here are a few of the reasons why.


A smart plug can be controlled remotely and by voice through Alexa, Google Home, and other programs.


If you want to set something on a timer to shut off, such as if you’re broadcasting a signal or downloading files, you can set it up remotely with a smart plug.

Use It On Breaks

When you come to take a break in between work, hit your smart outlet button. This can turn on music, TV, a timer, an essential oil diffuser, or whatever you need to relax and decompress for break time. This is a top-of-the-line smart home accessory for home offices, for this reason alone. Highly adaptable.

See If Someone’s Using It

See on your smartphone if someone’s using your devices. Anything that’s plugged into your outlet, you can monitor. If it’s been unplugged, you’ll know. If the tech has been turned on, you’ll be notified as well. This is a fine way to monitor usage and see if someone unauthorized inside your home is accessing data.

Control Your Office From Anywhere

You can shut down power or turn on power from anywhere in the world so long as you have Internet on your smartphone. Whatever is plugged into a smart outlet is fully controlled by you wherever you happen to be.

Welcome Home Features

Set up your smart outlet WiFi socket with ‘Welcome Home’ features and sync them up with other accessories in your work-from-home setup.

Turn Off/Turn On

Set up your home office the night before and then, ten minutes before your shift, hit your smartphone button. Instantly, you can turn on your laptop or computer, coffee maker to prep a fresh cup, and more.

Check out office smart home accessories at PrimeCables.ca today, including smart plugs and smart outlets which do not require a hub to work. It’s as easy as plugging it in and installing an app. A win-win! From setting up your coffee maker to monitoring your laptop, adding a little technology to your home office has never been easier.

What To Do If Your Home Office Is Also Your Bedroom Or Dining Room

Home offices don’t always get set up in the best of places. As convenient as it would be for everyone to have a spare room they can dedicate to a work-from-home space, let’s face it, homes and condos aren’t always built that way.

In the last year, many Canadians have been working from home in their bedrooms and dining rooms, at the kitchen table or on their beds, and making the best of an often-inconvenient situation.

If you’re still in this situation, think about this. If you don’t have a room to dedicate to work, a corner, a wall, or half a room can work. You don’t even need that much square footage. Ergonomic desks can fit anywhere.

Do You Need An Ergonomic Desk For Your Home Office?

If you’ve been using a laptop on your lap or a portable laptop desk, that’s great… for a time. Eventually, you’ll want something more. You’ll want your own workspace.

Even if it’s just a wall or a corner, having your own workstation gives you a way to turn work on and off.

If you used to work at an office, you could leave work and forget about it. When you work from home, you can’t do that. You’re essentially always at the office. This can have severe mental health consequences, including increased stress and risks of depression.

A height-adjustable ergonomic desk is small, easy to set up, and will fit almost anywhere. Do yourself a solid and set up an area that is strictly for work. When you’re on the clock, that’s where you go. When work is done, you close up shop and go elsewhere in your home, condo, or apartment.

What Are Some Accessories To Buy For My Work-From-Home Workstation?

A work-from-home desk isn’t the only thing you’ll need to create an inviting and separate home office.

  • Buy an office chair. Don’t be using no dining room table chair or anything. Get a high-quality professional-grade ergonomic office chair you can sit comfortably in for hours at a time.
  • If you use a desktop and a monitor rather than a laptop, maximize the available space atop your desk. The desktop CPU can be mounted underneath your desk with an under-table mount. Your monitor can also be mounted with a monitor mount or monitor arm at the edge of your desk.
  • Chances are you’re going to have a few things to plug in around your desk. Your smartphone should be included in that and far away from you, minimizing distractions. Search out a power bank or power strip with enough outlets, USB included.

With minimal investment, you can build an ergonomic work-from-home setup with custom accessories
and all the essentials from PrimeCables.ca.

How to Optimize Online Learning While Studying From Home

A classroom at home. In a perfect world, that’s what every child has with online learning. Circumstances relating to a lack of space, lack of funds, or the type of home setting a child is living with, the basic idea of a quiet, focused classroom in the privacy of one’s home is unachievable.

…well, not entirely. Here is a quick how-to guide on how anyone can optimize their home for online learning.

Eat Breakfast

Eat breakfast. It sounds simple. It is simple, actually. The truth is by eating breakfast, you wake yourself up. The body gets some sugars and carbs, and it’s ready to face the day. Without it, sleepiness and being sluggish are the reality. Before getting set up in the room you’re using for online learning, ensure that person’s fed.

Commit To It

Just like at school, online learning has a schedule. A student or parent has to commit to it. Classrooms aren’t meant to be relaxing yet a family home is. To turn a ‘home’ into a learning environment, one must be serious about showing up on time to their lessons and ready to concentrate on the task at hand.

Have A Designated Study Desk or Study Area

Set up a study-from-home office area. Ideally, it won’t be in your bedroom. It will be somewhat quiet and somewhere you know you have your best chance at focusing. Optimize your home school online learning area with study accessories and the sorts of things you need to feel prepared for your day.

Take Breaks, De-Stress And Eat

It’s easy to be excited about the day when you first get to studying. Four hours later though, tiredness sets in and you may be struggling to keep up. You’ve got to provide your mind with everything it needs to concentrate. Be sure to take breaks. Eat throughout the day. Minimize stress.

No Distractions

Put your phone away. Let others in the home know you’re studying now and not to interrupt. Concentration is easier when one makes the effort to eliminate distractions. This isn’t easy for everyone. Sometimes, we don’t have an online learning study office at home. Even if you don’t have this luxury, eliminate any and all distractions you can.

Create A Routine

Whether you know it or not, going to work or going to school is a routine. You get dressed, travel, arrive, set up, and off you go. With online learning, it’s as easy as rolling out of bed and immediately you’re plugged into the classroom. Heck, you don’t even have to get out of bed. That’s not an optimized way to do things. Create a schedule and a routine for your mornings. Stick with it.

Find the right online learning setup for your needs and set yourself up for success. Shop online learning desks, study accessories, and more at PrimeCables.ca.

Best E-Learning Desk Accessories For Students Studying From Home

Doing school virtually through Zoom and other platforms has proven challenging for a lot of students.

We don’t all have the ideal work-from-home or study situation at home. Whether it’s for you or family, there are thankfully a few ways to make it a little easier on you and the first step is to designate an area specifically for studying.

Are you still doing school from home – upgrade your study setup with these e-learning desk accessories.

5W Wireless Charger

Use this 5W wireless charger Qi-certified to put down your smartphone while studying and charge it.

0ebcc primecables cab 7121 26 wireless chargers 5w standard wireless charger qi certified for iphone xr xs x 8 8 plus primecables

Single Monitor Desk Mount

Lift your monitor and free up space on your desk with a single monitor desk mount. Enjoy a less cluttered area in which you can study, write, research, and focus.

Electric Sit-Stand Desk Converter

If you know you’re going to be at your desk for extended hours and are concerned about the lack of activity, try an electric sit-stand desk converter. This allows you to sit and stand and adjust your position throughout the day, increasing circulation and ensuring you aren’t still for the entirety.

71fc1 primecables cab pc07830 monitor desk mounts electric height adjustable sit stand desk converter primecables

Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds

Listen in on Zoom calls without wires. Bluetooth True Wireless earbuds are the best of the best in clarity and accuracy.

Height Adjustable Laptop Stand

Some days, you may not want to get out of bed to attend school. If you can work comfortably on the couch or in bed, a 360-degree rotatable height-adjustable laptop stand can be an advantage over trying to find a way to angle your screen without it.

Ergonomic Office Chair

For days when you are at your desk and engaged – which ideally is every day! – you want ergonomics to have your office. An ergonomic office chair with armrests puts your body in a natural position to minimize aches, pains, and discomfort you may encounter during your day.

Ethernet Cables

WiFi may be touch and go in some areas of your home. If your signal is unreliable, try a wired connection
instead with an Ethernet cable. With Ethernet, fast, reliable Internet will be possible from wherever you
are in your home.

53afd network ethernet cables network ethernet cables

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

A dimmable LED desk lamp clamps onto the back of your desk and provides non-reflective lighting from an overhead perspective. This can help you work into the late hours of the day or night.

These are just a few of the e-learning desk accessories you can use to keep a student engaged and excited to get to studying. The more comfortable one is in a space that is personalized to them, the more likely they will deliver their best performance day-in and day-out. Shop PrimeCables.ca for all these products and more.

Benefits of A Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With Clamp For Your Home Office

When the sun starts to go down, our bodies are trained to want to go to bed. If you’re working overnight shifts, are on overtime going into the late evening, or simply want to stay up and engaged, how you light your desk is important.

Light is visual stimulation. It keeps up awake. It allows us to see what we are doing. A premium desk lamp has many benefits. If you know you’re going to be working at night regularly, a dimmable LED swing arm lamp can be a tool that helps keep you awake, productive, and focused.

Dimmable v. Non-Dimmable

Having a dimmable light or a light with adjustable settings allows you to customize lighting. The advantage of this is you’ll never have to worry about it being too bright or not bright enough. Adjustable lighting provides you the chance to work longer hours.

Adjust the Angle of Light

In addition to the actual brightness and type of light a dimmable LED desk lamp offers, a swing arm makes it so that you can change from where the light is hitting you or what’s around you. Reduce glare. Eliminate any light in your eyes. Personalize it to you.

You Aren’t Taking Up Any Space

Desk lamps – at least the good ones – are often heavy. To keep them upright, a heavy base is required. An LED desk lamp clamp is an alternative. You have no heavy base taking up space, equal in strength and support as a heavy base would be. That’s what you get with a high-quality clamp.

Increase Your Productivity

There’s a reason why day workers tend to be more productive than night workers. The right LED office light has had a proven effect on work efficiency, focus, concentration, and overall productivity. If you are concerned you aren’t doing your best work when the sun goes down, tapping into a little more light may be just what you need.

Takes Care of Your Eyes

We strain our eyes when we can’t see something. This is most notably done at night. By having any light in the room and in front of you, it takes the strain out of seeing your keyboard and accessories around you.

Overhead Lighting Mimics Sunlight

A desk lamp typically rests slightly elevated but also at eye level. This occasionally blasts you with light and causes shadows to appear across your desk. This is a visual cue to your body that it’s night and it can slow down your productivity. An overhead LED lamp mimics the sun and subsequently maximizes the area lit.

Search out dimmable LED lights, LED office desk lamps, and more work-from-home office accessories at PrimeCables.ca today.

What Makes A Work-From-Home Office Setup Ergonomic – Read here!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic truly began in Canada last March, in the past year, many Canadians have come to know exactly what it is to work from home.

Now experienced with the benefits and challenges of a work-from-home setup, you may be searching for ways to be more productive at home, to concentrate better, and to be more comfortable.

An ergonomic work-from-home office is a setup that prioritizes comfort. An ergonomic desk is proven to help office workers in any environment stay productive and reduces the aches and pains that come with day-to-day office work.

Why Is There Such A Demand for Ergonomic Home Offices?

Last year, no one expected to be sent home to work from their dining room tables, couches, bedrooms, and various other settings which are not so professional.

In an office, a lot of modern-day setups are pretty ergonomically sound. At home though, on a couch, in a kitchen chair, or even in bed is going to push your body to remain in a position it wouldn’t normally be in. The musculoskeletal pain to follow is why ergonomic offices are becoming more popular. There’s a way to fix all that.

Do You Have Aches And Pains?

Prolonged sitting and maintaining unnatural postures put stress on our frames. Eventually, this means strains happen, muscles get pulled, and you end up with aches and pains.

Solve this by selecting ergonomic office equipment that puts your body in a more comfortable position. This isn’t just about selecting the right office desk and chair, either. It’s also about placement of monitors and other factors.

Sit Standing Height Adjustable desk ergo Riser ADR for monitor 35″ Wide – PrimeCables®

Is An Ergonomic Work-From-Home Setup Expensive?

An ergonomic work desk and station doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, in most cases, ergonomic desks can be set up for under $500.

The first thing to do is to select an ergonomic desk. Ideally, a height-adjustable sit-stand desk is best. This allows someone to go from sitting to standing and back down at their leisure, reducing the weight that would normally be put on their frame for eight hours a day sitting.

What Else Can I Do to Improve Ergonomics In My Home Office?

  • Buy a monitor mount. This attaches to your desk like a heavy-duty metal arm. It holds your monitor in an elevated position, adjustable to an optimum view. This reduces strain on shoulders, necks, and upper backs.
  • Look ahead and not down. We have a natural tendency to look down at our computers. Look ahead instead and focus on maintaining a healthy posture. In time, this will come naturally.
  • Adjust your chair to the right height. When a chair is too low, it causes a person to slouch. When the armrests are too high, they cause tension in the upper back. At the right position, there’s none of that.
  • Take a 5-minute break every hour. Walk around. Have a glass of water. Bend your legs. This will help to relieve some of the pressure that’s been put on your body.

Are you looking for trendy ways to correct mistakes in your work-from-home setup – visit PrimeCables.ca today. Check out home office accessories as well as desks, office chairs, mounts, and more.

If You Buy One Thing For Your Home Office, It Should Be A Monitor Mount And Here’s Why

Home offices have lots of essentials. A home office desk. An office chair. A computer and a monitor. An Internet connection, of course.

You may not think a monitor mount as a necessity but hear us out. It’s a lot easier to work and maintain productivity when you have an ergonomic work-from-home setup with a monitor mounted to a natural, intuitive position.

Lower back pain isn’t the only ache office workers can have. As we lean over and look at the monitor, neck pain and shoulder pain come into play.

If there’s a primary benefit to monitor mounts, it’s that they eliminate this discomfort at the root cause.

How Monitor Mounts Can Adapt to Your Work-From-Home Office

Monitor mounts save a ton of space, especially if you’re working on two or more screens.

You can use one monitor mount per monitor or a single mount for multiples. Mounts come in various configurations. A single monitor mount you can spread across your desk, setting up your screens strategically. They also make mounts as wide and heavy-duty as three, four, six, or eight monitors.

Assuming you’re on the occasional Zoom call, a monitor mount also positions a screen at an optimal perspective. Capture yourself at your best angle. So many perks come embedded in a monitor mount.

Full Motion Dual Screen Desktop Mount for 10″-27″ Monitors, Aircraft Aluminium, White – PrimeCables®

Where to Shop for Ergonomic Monitor Mounts in Canada

Most of us have been working from home for over a year now in sometimes-makeshift home offices. This is all due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s now time to optimize.

A monitor mount looks high-tech and adds so much to your day-to-day. Keep yourself comfortable and professional, supporting yourself with the right equipment, resources, and accessories to do your work.

Shop ergonomic monitor mounts in Canada at PrimeCables.ca and receive free shipping on orders above $49.

Once you have it, you won’t know how you ever worked without it. No more hunching over the desk. Minimize that neck and upper back pain. No more straining. You’ll notice the difference after a single day.

The additional desk space will also mean you can lay out paperwork, accessories like your smartphone, and not feel so cramped anymore. Eliminate clutter. Stay focused. Adjust the positioning of your monitor as you see fit. It’s the perfect office desk accessory.

Add a monitor mount to your ergonomic office. Just like freshly brewed coffee and other ergonomic office accessories, there are endless benefits to setting up your office like this. PrimeCables.ca is the place to shop for it all!

How to Clear Off Space With A Desktop Computer in Your Home Office

A desktop computer is big and powerful but it also poses a problem with how much space the tower requires.

With a normal desk, you have two options. The first, put the desktop CPU on top of the desk. Alternatively, put it on the floor. Both aren’t ideal. A computer on top of the desk is in the way, permanently an eyesore. A computer on the floor can get knocked over, is at high risk for beverage spills, and doesn’t look pretty.

Here’s how to get rid of clutter in your home office. An adjustable under-desk mount is all you need.

Benefits of An Under-Desk Mount for Computers

Put your CPU somewhere safe. It will be held in place securely and can be easily reached whenever you need to reboot it. It’s not at risk of getting knocked off your desk and won’t be in the way anymore. It’s the ideal location for a desktop like this.

Optimize the location of your under-desk CPU mount. There are no hard and fast rules in where you put your mount.

Wherever it fits and feels natural works best for you. The height of an under-desk mount is also adjustable, further enhancing ease-of-use.

Save space from the top of your desk. Use that space to put paperwork, décor, charge your smartphone, and more. Just like a monitor mount, an under-desk computer mount is about removing what doesn’t need to be there and opening up the space.

981ee primecables cab cpb 6 ergonomics accessories adjustable under desk wall cpu mount primecables

Where to Buy An Adjustable CPU Mount in Canada

The adjustable under-desk mount for computers from PrimeCables.ca is one of the highest-rated in its category.

Heavy-duty and adjustable in size, it can hold almost any general CPU you put in front of it. Complete with a 360-degree swivel function, you can also push it out of the way when you need to.

Always have your CPU accessible but not directly in the way. It doesn’t take up any floor space nor desktop space. You also have easy access to the cables and ports on the back, an area difficult to reach at times when a desktop computer is on the floor. We know how busy and disorganized some desktops can get. An adjustable under-desk mount optimizes CPU positioning to make things a whole lot easier.

Find ergonomic mounts and other desk accessories from PrimeCables.ca. From under any desk or work surface, mount your PC. Holds up to 22 pounds in a CPU computer tower, adjustable to almost any size. Screws securely to your under-desk tabletop, with side and bottom brackets holding your CPU in place at all times.