Types of HDMI Cables

HDMI cables have a variety of connectors and adapters that have made it the top cable for consumers. Different letters. Different standards. Adapters making it possible to connect to everything from flat-screens to computers and mobile devices.

Here is a quick glimpse into the different types of HDMI cables and what HDMI cable may be perfect for you.

HDMI Flat-Type

HDMI flat-type cables are used frequently for in-wall installations. They are designed to save on space while still providing a reliable HDMI connection.


HDMI to VGA cables are designed to make it possible to send a signal from HDMI to VGA connections. A cable like this saves you the hassle of purchasing an adapter.


Much like the HDMI to VGA, you also have the HDMI to DVI cable for devices with only a DVI connection. Please note DVI is a video-only port. Audio will have to be connected entirely separately.

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HDMI with Ethernet

HDMI with Ethernet functionality is a two-part cable. In one channel, you have regular HDMI 1.4 standard which provides up to 1080p HD picture quality. In the other, you have Ethernet connectivity which provides a wired, fast Internet connection for your home theater system.

HDMI Micro Cables

HDMI micro cables use the Type D connector. These micro cables are typically used on GoPro cameras, smartphones, portable media players, and other video recording devices. This is a reliable way to connect these devices to one’s flat-screen or home theater setup.

HDMI Mini Cables

HDMI mini cables use a small HDMI tip to allow it to fit into smaller-than-average devices. There are several devices that do not have the design space to incorporate full-size ports. If your Android’s got a mini HDMI port, this is the cable type for you. It is one of the rarer HDMI cable connectors.

HDMI 4K Cables

HDMI 4K cables are also referred to as HDMI 2.0 cables. They are a high-speed HDMI cable designed to handle video resolutions up to 4K in quality in addition to 60Hz refresh rates and expanded color range.

HDMI 8K cables

HDMI 8K cables are also known as HDMI 2.1 cables. To achieve 8K picture quality on a screen, you’ve got to have not only the right cable but also an 8K-capable flat-screen and the right content type and quality.

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