What Are HDMI Cables With Ethernet Used For – Read Here!

HDMI cables with Ethernet use an Ethernet infrastructure to distribute HD quality video signals throughout a home and/or to multiple screens.

For home theater settings and computer users, an HDMI cable with Ethernet can be very beneficial.

Why is There HDMI With Ethernet?

HDMI 1.4 cables were the first standard to be created with Ethernet compatibility. This type of cable facilitates the transfer of data between IP-based devices.

This cable was designed to provide internet to home theater systems without the need for additional cabling. In the past, one would have to connect an Ethernet cable and an HDMI. Through HDMI 1.4, they’ve made a single cable for two uses.

What Does An HDMI With Ethernet Allow You to Do?

What you can do with an HDMI cable with Ethernet is expanded over the functionality of a standard HDMI.

Connect IP-based devices to your network. Connect devices to routers and modems in your home.

Provide your TV with an Internet that isn’t wireless. Just like you have the benefits of Ethernet over WiFi, you can use the HDMI Ethernet cable to wire your home theater for a fast Internet connection.

How Does An HDMI Ethernet Cable Work?

Inside an HDMI cable with Ethernet, you have a dedicated HDMI channel and a separate link containing Ethernet. The Ethernet channel accommodates bi-directional speeds up to 100 MB/second.

To take full advantage of this feature, devices must have HDMI Ethernet functionality built in. Unfortunately, not every device has this functionality.

Even if you do not use the Ethernet part of the cable, it will still work as an HDMI cable for any home theater.

Do Gold-Plated HDMI Cables Make A Difference?

The best quality HDMI cables with Ethernet are those that are gold-plated.

This type of HDMI cable is higher grade with a larger conductor. Gold-plated HDMI cables also tend to have better shielding and are more durable than your standard HDMI cable.

If you’re buying a cable with Ethernet for your home theater, consider a gold-plated HDMI connector.

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