What Is An X96 Mini Android TV Box And How Does It Work – Read here!

An X96 mini Android TV box is a way to create a smart TV out of any flat-screen, any projector screen, or any monitor.

If you recently received a mini Android TV box, are considering buying one, or are interested in knowing what an X96 box is, you’ve come to the right place. It’s actually rather simple. An X96 box is a computer. Well, an operating system actually. In the OS, it is pre-programmed with different software, apps, and channels, connecting to WiFi to deliver a premium smart TV experience.

Can You Make Any TV Into A Smart TV?

A flat-screen that does not have WiFi built-in or an older flat-screen can feel very limited in comparison with smart TVs.

Smart TVs are very expensive. It also requires you giving up your current flat-screen. With an X96 Android box, you can keep what you have. The same technology inside a smart TV is inside an X96 box. It’s essentially an external operating system that you plug in via HDMI and WiFi. Connected and online, it gives you the same functionality.

What Can You Do With An X96 Android Box?

An X96 box uses an Android operating system, including the Google Store and everything else you’d expect to have on such a device.

In a way, an X96 box is like a smartphone. There are apps, an Internet browser to go online, and social media links providing you the chance to do more or less anything you can do on your smartphone on your TV.

The most popular way to use an Android smart TV box is to stream. See YouTube. Go on your Netflix subscription if you have one. You can also use it as a media player. What we mean by this is it allows you to send video from your smartphone to your TV to be viewed.

How Do You Install An Android TV Box?

An X96 Android TV box is very easy to install. It’s more or less plug-and-play. You connect it via HDMI. Then, use your TV remote to switch over to the channel you just plugged into. Once everything’s on and working, you should see the operating system there in front of you.

There are some apps and streaming services pre-installed. You also have the option of downloading more apps according to what you want to do.

Also, it’s worth noting that the X96 is a 4K Android TV box. If your TV is 4K and if the content streamed is 4K, you see it in its highest quality.

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