Why Buy A Smartphone Car Mount – Read Here!

A car phone mount is safe and convenient. For daily commutes and cross-country road trips, smartphones always come with. You may occasionally check them for directions or to put on music, change podcasts, or respond to a call. Have your phone positioned in its car mount.

They’re Cheap

A car phone mount doesn’t cost very much. Some are under $10 and super-cheap. It’s an affordable accessory that’s handy to have. You won’t realize the difference it makes until after you’re using it.


As we’re sure you can imagine, a smartphone air vent mount for your car makes using it while driving or parked so much easier. Tap into directions. Read emails while parked. Put on music. Respond to calls. See text messages as they come up. Do it safely.

Eliminate Your GPS

GPS navigation was all the rage twenty years ago. Today, we have the equivalent of GPS navigation in our phones and with way more functionality. If you need to find the correct or fastest route to a given destination, your smartphone is already set up.

Stable Grip

A smartphone air vent mount for your car holds your device secure in place. It’s never going to fall between the seats or get lost while you’re in a drive. There’s no tossing it on the passenger seat. There’s no losing it. You always have eyes on your phone, especially when you’ll need it most.


When you’re grabbing at your phone when it’s not in a mount, you’re putting others at risk. This is precisely why looking at your phone while driving is illegal in most jurisdictions. It’s unsafe. In a smartphone mount, however, it allows for stress-free, hands-free driving.

See Texts As They Come

If you’re waiting for an important call or text, you have your phone in front of you while you drive. This provides you a real-time view of texts or calls as they come in, notifying you when you’re unable to respond directly.

Universal Compatibility

Buying a phone car mount, it’s not like buying a smartphone case. Most car phone holders or mounts for air vents have universal phone compatibility. They adjust to your phone’s size. Made from high-quality materials, with rotation and a secure base, this all allows for single-handed operation.

Convenient Location

A smartphone mount puts your phone in an easy-to-retrieve location. You always have view of it. There’s no bending over or taking your eyes off the road. This prevents any inconveniences in seeing what’s on your phone.

Drive safely. Drive smartly. Keep your smartphone safe in an upright position. Easily access your smartphone any time. Find the best smartphone car mounts in Canada on sale at PrimeCables.ca today.

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