How Does A Digital Multimeter Voltage Tester Work

A digital voltage tester is an easy way to test wiring or an electrical outlet to determine wiring trouble, electrical issues, or to troubleshoot a problem. They can be used to test wiring, light fixtures, doorbells, and more.

Multimeter v. Voltage Tester

You may be looking at a voltage tester or multimeters and see these two terms used interchangeably. They mean two different things.

A voltage meter measures voltage which is a unit of measurement to indicate the difference between two nodes.

A multimeter can record voltage, of course, but it’s also used to measure other things. A multimeter voltage tester is a diverse tool and often preferable to your basic voltage tester because of these advantages.

The downside is that a multimeter is a little more expensive. When you go digital, this further increases costs.

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Clamp Meter v. Multimeter

The clamping attachment and ability to clamp with your multimeter are purposeful in design.

A digital multimeter will measure units down to the milli – whether it’s millivolts, milliamps, or milliohms. That said, current is generally limited to somewhere around 20 amps or under. Anything above is unreadable.

A clamp multimeter has the function to measure higher currents though may deliver a measurement that’s rounded to the nearest tenth or hundredth of a unit.

Electricians generally prefer clamping because of a clamp multimeter’s ability to do industrial troubleshooting. For work around the house, it also works and you won’t ever be hit with any restriction or misreading due to the wire having more power than the device can read.

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How Do You Use A Digital Multimeter Voltage Tester?

A digital multimeter voltage tester can work a few different ways. More modern testers use clamps. They clamp down on a wire, no other contact involved. They offer a protected way to verify whether there’s electricity running and how much.

With safety-insulated test probes, analyzing any wire up to 28 mm in diameter is easy.

You can test a wide variety of measurements with a digital multimeters voltage tester, as mentioned, not just voltage. Resistance, continuity, and diodes can also be tested. You don’t need to break circuits or risk hazardous contact to do so.

Use a current clamp meter or digital multimeter voltage tester today to check the electricity inside any wire. Determine if a wire needs a replacement or a fix. Do your own electrical work around the house. Shop tools like multimeters and voltage testers today at

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