How To Buy the Right Amplifier For My Home Theater Sound System

Home theater amplifiers vary in price from under $100 to over $2,000. What you need for high-quality sound is often less expensive than what you probably think. You don’t need a fancy branded amplifier for the best sound.

There Are A Lot of Variables

The performance you get from a high-quality audio amplifier relies on the right cables and speakers. If your sound is terrible, it’s not necessarily because of the amplifier though it can be. Speakers vary in size. You must have the power from the amplifier to maximize sound quality.

How Do You Connect An Amplifier?

An amplifier connects very simply. There is a type of wire called speaker wire. It is what’s used to transfer audio from the amplifier to the speaker. If you have multiple speakers and subwoofer, things look more complicated than they actually are. It’s all done through speaker wire.

Naturally, you can blend speaker wire in visually with other wire and cables you may have, i.e. HDMI.

What is the Right Amplifier For Me?

There are dozens of great-quality amplifiers for home theater sound, such as the following.

  • A mini-amplifier dual-channel with 30 watts is a starting point for home theater users. Assuming you don’t have massive speakers that need good-quality sound, a mini amplifier’s often all you need. 30 watts is more than enough.
  • There are also tub amplifiers with 25 watts of stereo power. This is a hybrid hi-fi speaker amplifier with Bluetooth capability. This can be particularly fun if you want to have Bluetooth connections and don’t have any other way to get there.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, for professional-grade audio use, you have the Monoprice 300-watt studio audio amplifier. To have something like this for general home theater use is going way, way overboard. This is for making music in a studio. A home entertainment system needs nowhere near this amount of power.
  • Almost equal in power is the 200-watt Class D Bluetooth speaker amplifier from Again, 200 watts of power is a lot. If you intend to really use your home theater speakers or are pushing them to their limits, it doesn’t hurt to have all this power backing you up.

The beautiful thing about amplifiers is that they connect by speaker wire. This means you can connect an amplifier to almost any speaker system. You don’t need a specific speaker-and-amplifier combination. You can mix-and-match.

Shop home theater sound system amplifiers and speaker systems at You have dozens of possible options to equip your flat-screen and speakers with the best in sound and affordably priced.

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