Is It Safe to Have A Car Phone Mount?

In Canada, it is illegal to have any hand on your smartphone at the same time as you are driving. This has been the cause of numerous accidents over the past decade, is now classified as ‘distracted driving’, and results in 1,000s of tickets every year countrywide.

A workaround by some is the smartphone car mount. For drivers this is a simple car phone accessory that connects either to a dashboard or air vent and allows you to have your phone upright, in front of you, and accessible for when you need it most.

Is it safe to have a car phone mount though – well, this is an important question and it really depends on the driver.

What Are You Doing Driving With Your Phone?

A car phone mount is really about knowing where your phone is so that you don’t go searching for it while you’re driving.

It’s about having your phone secured in place so that, if you receive a call or if there’s an emergency, you can pull off the road, park, and answer.

A phone mount is not for helping you text while drive, to browse the Internet at a traffic stop, or for checking social media or watching a video while you’re on the highway. You’d be very surprised by how some behave with these!

You want to learn how to use your car phone mount right to ensure you’re following the rules, adhering to hands-free driving regulations.

What Can You Do With A Smartphone Car Mount?

What you are allowed to do with a universal car smartphone mount varies by jurisdiction. A responsible driver will know when it’s ok to look at their phone and for what.

For example, if you are using your phone for GPS, you are permitted to have it equipped for navigation. If you receive a call and your phone is fully connected to your car speakers, connecting to the call is permitted so long as it’s done hands-free.

For these sorts of activities, you want to ensure your car mount is positioned somewhere accessible.

A universal mount may be able to attach itself to different areas. Some advertise that they’re attachable to any flat surface. This adds a lot of options in terms of where in front of you is most natural to place a mounted smartphone. Then, there are others of course that connect in a technical way to your air vent.

You still have some personalization that can happen here, however, you still need the air vent. You can find a wide range of magnetic car mount holders and car phone mounts at No matter what you choose, be sure to drive safely and keep your attention focused on the road at all times.

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