What Alternatives to TV Wall Mounts Exist

TV wall mounts are one of the easiest ways to provide your flat-screen secure placement in a home theater configuration. For all their advantages though, sometimes, you’ll want an alternative. Here are a few non-wall mounts that provide a different way to position your television.

Try A Ceiling Mount

You may remember seeing a heavy-duty TV ceiling mount at the gym, a doctor’s office, or a similar small business setting. They can be used in homes as well though. Do you not have the support or studs to mount a TV against the wall – look to the ceiling instead.

Try A Tabletop Stand

A universal tabletop TV stand holds your flat-screen off the table and suspends it in air in a very theatrical way. This helps to free up space on a table and creates a fun presentation for your television regardless of whether you’re using a table, dresser, shelf, or whatever surface that’s available.

Try A TV Stand

A universal TV stand like this presents similar to a tabletop TV stand but without the mounting aspect. They are generally a little cheaper and will secure your flat-screen similarly in place. They’re adaptable to different TV VESA specifications, another advantage to using one.

Try A Slim TV Cart

A slim TV cart, or slim TV stand for flat-screens, creates a freestanding heavy-duty structure to mount a flat-screen without drilling any holes in the wall. You can push this TV stand against the wall or hold it in the middle of the room. You’re essentially creating a hook on which a TV can stand.

Try A Mobile TV Cart

A mobile TV cart is essentially a lighter version of a slim TV cart and it’s on wheels. They’re used often for business presentations and in conference rooms but can be repositioned into a residential home theater setup. This is ideal for homes that are using a home theater space for varying activities and may need to occasionally move their flat-screen out of the way.

Do You Need A TV Wall Mount?

These are the best alternatives to TV wall mounts that create a similar sort of home theater experience.

Needless to say, you have options. No matter how large your TV is, there are likely a few possibilities out there that may be of assistance in creating the right vibe for a home theater setup. Via PrimeCables.ca, you also have a number of mounts for shelving, speakers, and other home theater products, consoles, and tech devices.

If you’re unsure of where to buy mounts for home theater, please visit PrimeCables.ca today to browse the varieties of both mounts and alternatives to TV wall mounts, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages.

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