Why Buy Ceiling Speakers?

A lot of us have heard about in-wall speakers and mounted speakers. What about ceiling speakers?

Ceiling speakers are another way to deliver excellent-quality home theater sound. Perhaps the reason why they don’t receive the same amount of attention as in-wall speakers or mounted speakers systems is because ceiling speakers require a little more work to get installed. For example, one must drill a hole into their ceiling and gain access to this area to connect their speaker with speaker wire.

If you’re not yet considering buying ceiling speakers, here are a few reasons why you may want to.

They’re Affordable

Ceiling speakers come in pairs, with a left and a right. This ensures a consistency to sound. Balancing audio levels through the right amplifier is a lot simpler when you are working with identically branded pairs.

Positioning is Easy

For an accurate stereo surround sound feel, space your ceiling speakers equi-distance apart. Normally, this is about two metres in between one another. Two metres is what’s needed to guarantee there isn’t any conflict with the sound. When there is, one may experience audio separation which is not what we want.

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They Look Awesome

Home theater ceiling speakers are a talking point. Few households have them. They’re cool. They’re trendy. They’re something that edges your home theater system a little bit past that of other homes. It’s an entirely different experience.

Customize Them With An Amplifier

Ceiling speakers are passive which means to receive and broadcast sound, they need an amplifier. This amplifier can be upgraded at different points and switched out for better sound. You don’t have to replace the speakers, something which is common in home entertainment systems.

6.5″ 2-Way Frameless Ceiling Speaker – PrimeCables®

They Sound Great

Although some speakers are less than ideal, a high-quality 6.5” pair of ceiling speakers from PrimeCables.ca are second to none in sound. Enjoy crystal clear, deep, rich sound perfect for listening to concerts, watching action movies, and taking in ports.

Speaker Wire is Cheap

Speaker wire does not cost very much which gives you a lot to play with in terms of speaker placement. You can have them on the other side of the room or even in a different room if a connection’s possible. Feeding speaker wire to ceiling speakers becomes easy once you’ve carved out a place to do this.

Ceiling Speakers Help You Save Space

Ceiling speakers require no space to set up. Assuming you have space in your ceiling to make installation a reality, you don’t have to worry about moving furniture or where you’re going to mount the speakers.

Though it’s not the quickest installation process and the concept of ceiling speakers isn’t possible in some homes, if you’re considering buying ceiling speakers, drop in at PrimeCables.ca and browse the possibilities yourself.

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