Benefits of A Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With Clamp For Your Home Office

When the sun starts to go down, our bodies are trained to want to go to bed. If you’re working overnight shifts, are on overtime going into the late evening, or simply want to stay up and engaged, how you light your desk is important.

Light is visual stimulation. It keeps up awake. It allows us to see what we are doing. A premium desk lamp has many benefits. If you know you’re going to be working at night regularly, a dimmable LED swing arm lamp can be a tool that helps keep you awake, productive, and focused.

Dimmable v. Non-Dimmable

Having a dimmable light or a light with adjustable settings allows you to customize lighting. The advantage of this is you’ll never have to worry about it being too bright or not bright enough. Adjustable lighting provides you the chance to work longer hours.

Adjust the Angle of Light

In addition to the actual brightness and type of light a dimmable LED desk lamp offers, a swing arm makes it so that you can change from where the light is hitting you or what’s around you. Reduce glare. Eliminate any light in your eyes. Personalize it to you.

You Aren’t Taking Up Any Space

Desk lamps – at least the good ones – are often heavy. To keep them upright, a heavy base is required. An LED desk lamp clamp is an alternative. You have no heavy base taking up space, equal in strength and support as a heavy base would be. That’s what you get with a high-quality clamp.

Increase Your Productivity

There’s a reason why day workers tend to be more productive than night workers. The right LED office light has had a proven effect on work efficiency, focus, concentration, and overall productivity. If you are concerned you aren’t doing your best work when the sun goes down, tapping into a little more light may be just what you need.

Takes Care of Your Eyes

We strain our eyes when we can’t see something. This is most notably done at night. By having any light in the room and in front of you, it takes the strain out of seeing your keyboard and accessories around you.

Overhead Lighting Mimics Sunlight

A desk lamp typically rests slightly elevated but also at eye level. This occasionally blasts you with light and causes shadows to appear across your desk. This is a visual cue to your body that it’s night and it can slow down your productivity. An overhead LED lamp mimics the sun and subsequently maximizes the area lit.

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