What Can You Do With An Impact Driver – See Here

More than a power drill, a cordless impact driver provides power and control on difficult-to-manage projects. An impact driver has dozens of unique uses. If you’re looking to dig into renovations on your property that you’re concerned a power drill might not be able to do, an impact driver will get it done. Here are some common impact driver projects to keep in mind.

Metal Racks

Metal is not always the easiest material to work with. Metal such as that used for server racks and/or shelving is easy to work with when you have an impact driver in hand.

Backyard Decks

An impact driver is a great choice when you’re working on large backyard decks, arbors, pergolas, and patios. When you have a lot of long screws or lag bolts, an impact driver will complete a project like this with ease.

Any Work With Solid Wood

Any work you’re doing with solid wood, use a hex impact driver. Building furniture or doing backyard projects with heavy woods, an impact driver lets you work efficiently at every step of the way.

Stubborn Drywall Screws

Although it’s not always recommended to use an impact driver against drywall, it can better manage stubborn drywall screws than a power drill.

Self-Tapping or Self-Drilling Screws

An impact driver is perfect for self-tapping and self-drilling screws. It won’t strip the screw head though you have to keep the angle right. So long as an impact driver is not going into thin or fragile woods, veneers, thin plastics, acrylics, and similar materials, a 20V cordless impact driver is the right choice.

TV Wall Mounts And Shelving

When you’re working with walls, i.e. to drill in screws for shelving or a TV wall mount, an impact driver can drive in long screws better than any drill. You can work a lot quicker with an impact driver than you can a drill although a novice can do a lot of damage.

Brick or Concrete

Although you will want an even more powerful drill than an impact driver for most brick or concrete projects, an impact driver will work with these materials. That said, it could give you trouble so do consider a hammer drill if you need to drill a lot of holes.

Pass Wire Through

In some cases, you might want to cut holes into a wall, floor, or other material to pass a wire or cable through. For this, an impact driver works well. This is especially true when the material is dense or too difficult to get through with a standard power drill.

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