7 Situations Where Over-The-Ear Headphones Can Help You Relax

Wired and wireless earbuds are a very popular phone accessory, second in sales only to USB cables. Unfortunately, headphones don’t get the same love. That’s despite being a great investment for a lot of very common situations.

Over-the-ear headphones provide a lot more noise cancellation than earbuds, even those not noise cancellation-specific. They fit comfortably, often have better sound quality at more affordable price points, and can aid in focus and concentration when there are a lot of distractions around you.

Here are 7 situations where over-the-ear headphones can help you relax.


If you’re a gamer, earbuds aren’t the most reliable in reproducing the sort of immersive sound most want. Note every serious gamer and what they’re wearing for sound. It’s always DJ-style headphones.


A work-from-home office is not always the neatest and most convenient of places in a multi-person household. When you need to block out the noise around you, nothing does it like a premium set of headphones.

Watching A Concert

When you are watching a concert, you want to hear it as if you were there. The best music headphones put you in the room as an audience member, allowing you to hear the warmth of the bass, the pretty highs, and the movement of the music.

Zoom Calls

If you can get a pair of headphones with a mic or are concerned about missing speech or dialogue, the right headphones can make it a lot easier to listen in and hear everything that’s being said.

Noisy Roommates

Roommates can get noisy. Loud arguments. Parties. Watching television a little louder than preferred. For all these situations where you don’t want to be constantly harping on them, headphones can help block out those sounds and put you in a calmer state of mind.

Sound Editing

Any sort of sound editing, i.e. music, video editing, or animation, should be done on a set of headphones. Earbuds are built for convenience. They’re great at the gym. For accurate and detailed sound quality though, you’ve got to go with hi-fi headphones.

Home Theater Application

It’s late at night. You want to watch a quick episode of your favourite show but don’t want to wake anyone up. Plug in your headphones. It’s a simple and easy fix. You can turn it up as loud as you want.

Unless you’re on the move, you can’t go wrong with premium headphones DJ-style that fit over the ear with a mic included. They will serve you well in all sorts of situations. Shop your best headphones on sale at PrimeCables.ca today.

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